7 Easy DIY Christmas Candle Ideas You Can Make This Weekend

Few things really say “Christmas” like the warm glow of candlelight and twinkling Christmas lights.

Who doesn’t love a Christmas craft that’s not only festive, but easy and inexpensive to make?

There are many crafters across the web who have created amazing crafts with little or no money, and you can too! You’ll need some crafting supplies from the dollar store, so grab a notepad and start making a list.

1. Window Cling Candles

Window clings, white candles and glass jars combine to create a beautiful display of Christmas cheer to light up your home! This works with both scented or unscented candles and can be made in minutes.

Plus, they’re a great gift idea for the favorite teacher in your life!.

2. Diorama made from wine glasses

Use these lovely and artistic holiday dioramas made from wine glasses, fake snow, small figurines, candles, and other supplies to decorate your tabletop for Christmas.

7 Easy DIY Christmas Candle Ideas You Can Make This Weekend
Source: PopSugar

3. Snowmen Candle Holders

Who wouldn’t smile at these snowmen candles? Not only are they quick and easy to make, it’s possible to make them to suit any home’s decor..

7 Easy DIY Christmas Candle Ideas You Can Make This Weekend

Source: Good Housekeeping

4. Black and Gold Canning Jar Silhouette Candles

No artistic talent required, just a little patience, some simple glass jars, template and paint and you’ve created beautiful holiday glass candles you’ll enjoy using every year!

7 Easy DIY Christmas Candle Ideas
Source:  youtube.com

5. Affordable Christmas Votive Candle Holders

Makeovers of pre-existing candle holders are almost too easy, and they always look so perfect. Place them all around your home or use them just for Christmas morning!

Almost everything you need for this craft can be found at your local dollar store. Nevertheless, why not take it a step further and order some scented votive candles for an added festive touch?

Now that you’ve assembled all of your supplies, break out your glue gun and get creative!

6. Christmas Tin Candles

Why spend a fortune on expensive tin candles when they’re so easy to make? Some dollar store tins, candles, scents and a little time and you’ll have beautiful tin candles that make a great gift too!

7. Beautiful Pillar Candleholders

Lastly, here’s a quick, easy, and professional way to dress up a dollar store vase. Considering this is for pillar candle lovers, why not stock up on some scented ones first?

After you have your cylindrical vase, the next step is to apply your window decal, which you can find either at your local hobby store – or maybe even the dollar store!

Put your candles in, light them, and you’re done! Elegant candleholders for the holiday table.

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