9 House Maintenance Tips for Cold Weather

9 House Maintenance Tips For Cold Weather

Every house owner needs to dedicate time to house maintenance. It’s crucial for keeping your home in a good shape and for living happily and safely. Your home will last longer and it will also look better.

House maintenance changes by season, so you won’t do certain things when it’s hot outside but you will do them once it gets colder. In this article, we will talk about 9 house maintenance tips for cold weather particularly.

There are plenty of easy fixes that are better done in the wintertime than in the summertime. Here is a list of best home care tips, to preserve your house and keep it looking and functioning fresh:

1. Fix the air leaks

The first great maintenance tip for cold weather is fixing your air leaks. During winter warm and humid air from the inside can get into the walls. They can cause mold and create damage because the moist is collecting inside the house. 

First of all, you need to know how to find air leaks in your house. You need to inspect doors and windows and check the exterior caulking around them. You can find possible air leaks by shaking them since movement can show the leaks.

 They will also allow sunlight to access the home so that is another indicator. By fixing the air leaks you will prevent possible mold problems and reduce drafts in your home. It will be warm and comfortable during winter once the leaks are sealed. 

2. Prepare the lawn for winter

If you are planning on doing winter house repairs, preparing your lawn for winter should be on your list. It will make your lawn ready for spring but also help it to go through harsh winter weather.   

Make sure to remove any leaves from the lawn that you can later make into compost. You can seed grass that can grow in the cold weather but make sure you keep it short. Make sure that you use a lot of good nutrients when fertilizing the lawn.

Also, make sure that you take care of any possible trees in your lawn or backyard. Cut any loose branches or anything that seems unstable. That way you will prevent possible damager when the snow starts falling.

3. Inspect your chimney 

Most houses have fireplaces or wood stoves that they use for heating. They look nice and make your home cozy and warm. Still, a clogged chimney can be a real danger, so it’s important to have it inspected and cleaned. 

A clogged chimney can easily cause a fire and it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. You can clean it yourself but for this type of thing, professionals might be a better option. The service is not too expensive but the job is hard, so it would be easier to hire someone.

4. Declutter

Decluttering is a great option for any season, but especially for winter because most people spend a lot of time in their homes. It will help you to make your home tidier and your life better organized. It can become a life habit and help you to grow every day.

You can even help your neighbors, or help your senior parents declutter. That way you will do something good for your community and for your loved ones. At the same time, you would help them to prepare for a nice and clean winter in their home.

5. Clean out your gutters and drains

Cleaning your gutters and drains is another great maintenance tip for cold weather. As it gets colder, there’s usually a lot of rain and snow which can damage your roof and the gutter itself. Preventing the damage from happening will save you time and money.

By maintaining them in good shape, you won’t have to replace the gutters and your roof will remain untouched. Make sure that you clean any possible leaves, dirt, and anything else that is stuck in there.

 You can easily do it with a small rake or you can hire someone to clean it for you. Once you have that done you can verify that there’s no drainage issue in your attic, basement, or anywhere in the house. 

6. Prevent your pipes from freezing 

Freezing pipes can be a real issue as cold weather is coming, so it has to be treated properly. Frozen pipes can easily burst because ice is less dense than water, so the water expands when it gets frozen. 

You can insulate our pipes to prevent damage. Another good tip is to drain any external pipes.

7. Reverse ceiling fans

Everyone knows that it’s important that your house is warm and cozy in the cold months. This is an easy fix and it doesn’t cost a dime. If you change the blade rotation and make it clockwise, instead of cooling, the ceiling fans will keep your home warmer.

 They will push the warm air down. It will help you to reduce your bills and save energy. The switch should be easily accessible 


8. Do electrical maintenance

Since days are shorter during winter and there’s more darkness than sunlight, it’s crucial that your electrical system is working properly and that you won’t lose power. You need to check the wires that are coming into the electric panel.

Good wires should appear covered with insulation and in good condition, with no tears or metal showing on the outside. An important thing is to not touch the electrical panel if you notice any possible damages and in that case, you need to call an electrician. 

Depending on the wire type, you can check the connections and wiring.  Make sure you also inspect wall outlets and replace any that seem damaged. 

9. Change the furniture positions for better heating

If your house is using radiators for heat, you can change the furniture positions for better heating. It’s likely that big pieces of furniture are collecting a lot of heat if they are located near the radiators, so moving them will make the heat flow better.

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