Most Important Places to Insulate in Your Home

Most Important Places To Insulate in Your Home

Do you know how up-to-date your home’s insulation is? Does your home feel drafty, especially in colder weather? You may want to check on your home’s current insulation quality. Insulation contractors should be familiar with the most important places to insulate in your home and help you address your home’s needs. Here are some of the places that might need attention.


The attic is one of the most important places to start when it comes to home insulation. Warm air naturally rises, which means that without the protection of insulation, hot air will escape through your home’s attic and siding. Some insulation materials, such as spray foam insulation, have heat resistance qualities and provide an airtight seal that will keep this air from leaking out in the winter—as well as prevent warm air from getting in during the summer.

Crawl Space

The crawl space is another popular site for insulation services. Many homeowners don’t realize they should insulate their crawl spaces until it’s too late—an exposed crawl space may end in frozen pipes and wasted energy. Another benefit of certain insulation materials is that they’ll protect these small areas, which are common sites for mold growth, from moisture buildup.


If you’re planning to refinish your home’s basement or patch up any foundational errors, this is another prime target for insulation. If you’re dealing with an unfinished basement or cracks in the foundation, spray foam insulation is crucial. Spray foam insulation fills any cracks, and expert contractors even use it to re-level concrete.

Walls or Floor

If your home constantly feels drafty and cold, you might want to invest in insulation for the rest of the walls or floor of your home. There may be gaps in your home’s siding that let in drafts. And flooring insulation provides an extra layer to trap heat—you’ll notice the benefits of insulated flooring in the winter months, especially.

Don’t ignore your home’s signs—remember these most important places to insulate in your home and address your home’s needs. Proper insulation will make your home feel more comfortable and enjoyable, especially in the colder and warmer months, when insulation can really make a difference.

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