Ways To Extend Your Patio Without Concrete

Ways To Extend Your Patio Without Concrete

With many material choices for your patio, there are many ways to make the terrace stand out from the other homes on your block. Whether it’s planting new grass, flowers, or trees or paving new pathways, you have an assortment of ways to extend your patio without concrete.


When thinking of using different surfacing to expand your yard, you might not think of using gravel since it’s not the fanciest material. However, gravel is a fun resource to enhance the backyard. With many shapes and sizes to choose from, you’ll never get bored of the designs you can create with gravel.

You can easily pick up some gravel in the garden center of your hardware store. However, before you do so, you might want to measure your space. Since you’re sprucing up your outdoor space, you should go for pea-sized gravel—the rounded edges won’t prick you if you walk around barefoot.

Before placing anything out, start with a smooth base, such as your current slab of concrete or limestone. Then, lay the material out. Depending on the square footage of your area, it shouldn’t take more than a day to lay out the gravel.


When adding to your home, you want the best enhances that offer a positive return on property value. One of the greatest ways to add value to your home is by adding a deck—it is an excellent addition to try out.

Since decks and patios are two different things, prospective buyers mistakenly confuse the terms and assume they’re the same. Here’s a brief overview of the differences.

Patios vs. Decks

Many may assume that a patio and deck are the same, but they aren’t. Typically, a patio or a terrace is on solid ground, usually surrounded by manicured landscaping and sometimes overlooking a view.

Decks are usually made from wood but can also be made of other materials. They rise by a few feet and typically go on the side of a terrace. If you’re looking for an upgrade in views, a deck is what you need to increase your property value.

Artificial Turf

Most who live in apartments don’t get the luxury of having their own first-level patio. There’s a way to change that. By using the balcony as your terrace, you can add artificial grass mats to make it feel like you’re on the ground.

If you want to install artificial turf, ensure there’s a solid base underneath or another rug if you have a wooden balcony with slats.

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