7 Clever Uses for Old Whiskey or Wine Barrels

Did you know that the barrel-aging process adds more to a spirit’s flavor, aroma, and finish than just adding taste and aroma? It also reduces its ethanol content, so your spirits don’t taste like harsh rubbing alcohol. 

And while they can reuse them, manufacturers will often sell used barrels to companies and individuals, many of whom will use them in interesting ways.

You may have made crafts from wood pallets, or even a pallet bed, but these projects are going to take your reclaimed wood crafting to the next level! 

This trend is not only incredibly rustic, but it’s also one of the best ways to incorporate reclaimed wood with a story into your home’s decor. 

Oak barrels have historically been used for storing wine, whiskey, and beer, but you can use them in a variety of ways, whether you keep the casks intact or deconstruct them and use the wooden staves and metal hoops to create something totally different. 

You can either DIY or buy unique items such as furniture, candleholders, and more. Perhaps even something practical like a trash can.

1. Wine barrel rocking chair

wine barrel rocking chair
Source: NobelMade.co

What a neat way to use an old wine barrel! Noble Made’s rocking chair is made from wine barrels and is of heirloom-quality. If you’d prefer to DIY one yourself, check out this YouTube tutorial.

2. Whiskey barrel bar


You don’t have to drink to use this beautiful whiskey barrel bar. It also works well as a display shelf for your favorite collectibles. Another option is to make one yourself, like this YouTuber did.

3. Trash can from a whiskey barrel 

Barrel, Keg, Wood,
Source: Kingbarrel

You can rent barrel furniture and other items for any event. Check out the options at King Barrel. You might even discover an idea or two for your own whiskey barrel repurposing ideas!

4. Rain barrel

Image source: Reel Barrels

A whiskey or wine barrel makes an attractive alternative to those ugly plastic rain barrels.

5. Hoop wreath

Wood, Leaf, Twig, Grass, Plant, Hardwood, Plank, Wood stain, Wildflower, Herb,
Image source: This Grandma is Fun

Even parts of a wine barrel can be useful, like this wreath made from a wine barrel hoop with artificial succulents. Check out how to make one for yourself at this blog.

6. Barrel Stave Candleholder

Image source: Charles and Hudson

Imagine a beautiful votive candleholder for your dining table. Here’s a detailed tutorial to make your own. The great thing about this is you can stain (or paint) the candleholder to suit any decor!

7. Firepit table

Image source: DIY Project Ideas

Using a propane tank, fire glass and different materials such as cork, repurposed wood or even concrete, it’s possible to create a unique addition to your outdoor space.

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