10 Beautiful Deck Railing Ideas

Besides keeping your family safe, deck railings also provide privacy, support, and visual interest. From wooden deck railings to metal ones, these stylish outdoor spaces are sure to inspire your own porch or patio. 

Spring is right around the corner, so there’s no better time than now to do the long-overdue deck makeover!

1. Metal railing

A traditional option, yes, but look at how the designer matched her outdoor living space’s deck furniture to the white metal railings in crisp white. Beautiful!

2. Privacy screen deck railing

Image source: A Carried Affair

A privacy screen used with wood deck railings creates a beautiful private place without making it feel closed in.

3. Checkered curtain deck railing

Image source: Heathered Nest

Another option is to go without a formal railing. On this back porch, checked curtains provide privacy and style. 

If you opt for this type of “deck railing” be sure that you’re in compliance with code, which typically means a deck should be no more than 2 feet above ground level.

4. Lattice Deck Railing

Image source: Joyful Derivatives

In place of railings, this porch is framed by a beautiful lattice.

5. Chippendale railings

Image source: The Zhush

Custom Chippendale railings with geometric balusters are a beautiful alternative to straight spindles.

6. Cable rails

Image source: Dorsey Designs

Simple lines add sophistication to any outdoor space, and curtains of white and cozy furniture soften the look of the cable rails, which feature wires instead of spindles.

7. Custom look railing

Image source: Nature Rails

You can also use steel panels as stair railings. Above, you can see a stunning creation made from matte black steel to fit a rustic staircase. 

Black steel is often paired with rich wood decking because it is such an eye-catching combination. These railings are a work of art and lend a touch of class to any home. 

8. Steel pipe and wire

Image source: Sebring Design

You can use steel piping for your deck railing if you want a modern, industrial look.

Galvanized steel offers a more cost-efficient, durable railing that will fit a cottage or a house with a more contemporary feel. With the correct hardware, steel piping can be easily fastened to your wood or concrete deck.

This example uses horizontal balusters made from wire cables fed through holes drilled into steel pipe posts. 

9. Wood designed railing

Image source: Sebring Design

They painted the rails for this wood deck white in the classical style, but they have a twist in that they include a design that’s reminiscent of the old style parquet flooring. It’s a unique a design that bridges the gap between traditional and modern styles of railings.

This would be a fairly easy, yet time-consuming project for any confident DIYer. 

If you live in an area that sees a lot of temperature changes, this might not be a good option, as peeling, fading and wood rot would make upkeep a constant hassle.

10. Wood privacy deck railings

Consider this wood deck railing privacy screen for an ultra-modern aesthetic.

Railing and privacy are provided by long continuous boards of varying widths installed horizontally across concealed wood posts. As the wooden slats block the outside world yet allow in light, this idea is perfect for a home in an urban environment.

This design is simple, but can be customized. Any color or stain can be used on the wood, and any width can be selected. If your railing is high enough, you could also place a wider plank horizontally on top to serve as a drink rail while entertaining guests.

So there you go. Ten deck railing ideas to inspire you and make your outdoor space more functional and beautiful. It doesn’t matter what your skill level or budget is, you are sure to find a deck railing that meets your specific needs and complements your deck.

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