5 Quick and Easy DIY Home Improvement Ideas

New (to you) home but an empty bank account? Or maybe you’ve been in your home for some time, and you’re tired of looking at the same tired walls, but you don’t have the cash for an all-out renovation.

Whatever the reason you want to renovate your home, it is possible to create a home that you love spending time in, without breaking your budget.

For example, there are a ton of simple DIY projects out there for just about any project you want to accomplish. You can do some of them on a weekend, while other projects require more time. 

Check out these cheap and easy home improvement projects that will make a definite impact on your home’s aesthetic, without a significant time and money input from you.:

Easy and inexpensive home projects

Once you’ve decided on a project, make a plan, gather your tools and some time and get started! Check out these 5 quick and easy projects you can do yourself to boost the look and functionality of your home:

1. Paint

Paint the entire house or paint just the trim, interior or exterior. Or you can paint an accent wall inside. 

Outdated kitchen cabinets? Paint them. 

Whatever project you choose, preparation is key to painting, including taping around windows and cutting in around the ceiling. Take that into account when planning how long a project will take. 

Also, choosing the right paint will make a big difference. Latex paint, for instance, will not last long if put over oil paint. 

Your painting project will go more smoothly as well if you choose good brushes. Research the type of brush you need before you purchase one. Good brushes can be costly, so choose wisely.

2. Replace cabinet hardware

The project is one of the simplest ways to make your kitchen or bath look fresh. 

Make sure the new hardware will fit the existing holes before you begin, otherwise you will have to fill old holes and drill new ones. To ensure that the new pieces will fit snugly, measure the distance between holes for pulls and take a knob to the home improvement store for comparison. 

Do your research online before buying hardware. You may find a cheaper option online.

3. Transform your closet into a “mudroom”

Many homes come with hallway closets where homeowners store their coats. However, that doesn’t take care of the backpacks, shoes, sporting equipment, and other items your family brings home and dumps outside the door. To make a space that better suits your family’s needs, consider removing closet doors and adding hooks and shelves. 

A freestanding entryway unit is a great option if you don’t have a closet

4. Refresh your bathroom 

Instantly transform your bathroom with new towels, shower curtain and rugs. You can take it a step further by adding a new, easy application backsplash, faucet and/or replacing the existing vanity.

5. Update your window treatments, throw pillows, and accent pieces

With window coverings today, less really is more. When your larger furniture pieces are neutral, you can add splashes of color with pillows and other accents.

Before starting your DIY home improvement

Even professionals can discover unpleasant surprises when they get into a job, as simple projects can often escalate into more complicated ones if things go wrong.

Finally, know your skill level and start with simple projects. Many projects that seem easy at first glance, such as changing towel bars in a bathroom, can end up being more complicated if plaster is ripped from the wall when the old towel bar is removed.

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