Best Home Improvement Options for a Flood-Prone Basement

Best Home Improvement Options for a Flood-Prone Basement

Spring is here, and that means the rainy season is on its way. Soon rivers will be rising, backyards will be flooding, and sump pumps will be working on overdrive. If you live near a river, pond, or other body of water, you may be living in a flood-prone area. There are things you can do to prevent flood damage, but some flood damage to your home is inevitable. If this is the case for your home, learn about the best home improvement options for a flood-prone basement.

Flooring Choices

If you have a finished basement, one of the first things to go during a flooding event is the flooring. Carpeting can take a major hit after a flood, and most of it will need to be ripped out due to water damage. On the other hand, some flooring types are better at resisting water damage. Vinyl, especially with a cork layer installed underneath, is a water-resistant option and offers easier water cleanup. Ceramic tile is another great flood-prone basement option due to its mold and mildew resistance. Many flooring options also have some form of sealant to add an extra layer of protection against water.

Shelving Options

Many homeowners utilize their extra basement space for storage. There are some key guidelines for setting up a storage area in a flood-prone basement. For example, avoid storing any valuables directly on the floor unless you keep them in watertight containers. Installing storage shelves is a great way to ensure the safety of your valuables at a high enough level where most floods wouldn’t affect them. You could also consider overhead storage solutions for storing lightweight items.

Electronics and Appliance Considerations

You can use the same judgement for keeping your valuables safe when it comes to electronics and appliances in the basement. If your basement is prone to flooding, running appliances and electrical wiring along your basement floor is a bad idea. Even in finished basements, flooding can still reach grounded electronics and appliances, causing a fire hazard when the two elements mix. Keep electrical cables and appliances on upper floors or elevate them along walls or shelving. This is just one way to protect your home from spring flooding.

If you’re trying to utilize your basement space this rainy spring season, don’t forget these best home improvement options for a flood-prone basement. These tips can help you minimize flood repairs and damage to your basement or belongings.

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