6 Easy DIY Renovation Projects

6 Easy DIY Renovation Projects

Whether you’re preparing to sell or looking to refresh your home’s space and improve its day-to-day functionality, you can boost your home’s value with easy DIY renovation projects to fit any budget. To help you decide which projects to prioritize, you might want to find a Realtor who can recommend upgrades that will give you the greatest bang for your buck when it comes to your home’s value.

DIY home improvement projects don’t need to come with a big price tag. Know your budget for each project to help you stay on track. If you’re planning to use a credit card for home renovations, make sure to use one that earns points or cash back. Take advantage of a 0% promotional rate if you plan to pay off the balance before the promotional period ends.

If even the simplest renovations aren’t in your budget, consider selling to companies that buy houses for cash. The companies will buy homes in need of minor or major repairs, and they’ll close on your timeline.

Read on for ideas to get started.

1. Refresh Paint

Almost everything looks great with a new coat of paint, and it’s one of the most affordable ways to change the look of a room. You can:

  • – Brighten a dull room or add depth with color.
  • – Create an accent wall by painting it a contrasting shade.
  • – Paint an old hardwood floor with a geometric pattern.
  • – Paint your front door to add curb appeal.
  • – Give your kitchen cabinets a makeover and paint them an on-trend color.

The key to a beautiful outcome is preparing your surfaces before you start painting. Take your time and don’t rush the process. Online tutorials are easy to find for almost any painting project.

2. Install a New Kitchen Backsplash

A new kitchen backsplash goes a long way toward giving the entire kitchen an updated feel without a major renovation. The good news is you don’t need to know how to install traditional tile. Peel-and-stick tile sheets come in several colors and patterns, and they’re easy to cut, fit, and apply without additional adhesives.

3. Spruce Up a Bathroom

Rejuvenate an outdated bathroom with some simple updates for a new look and better functionality. Apply peel-and-stick wallpaper for a designer look or repaint in a fresh color. Outdated ceramic shower tiles can also be painted.

Upgrade your shower head to a rain shower or a model with massage settings. If you have a shower door that’s seen better days, consider replacing just the door or switching out an old curtain.

Also replace outdated hardware, including towel bars, faucets, light fixtures, the mirror, and medicine cabinet. If replacing the vanity isn’t in the budget, paint the vanity you have and replace the cabinet and drawer pulls.

Finally, consider adding some floating shelves for additional storage.

4. Hang New Curtains

New window treatments can instantly change the look of a room. Install the curtain rod 6 to 12 inches above the window frame or all the way to the ceiling. Allow the rod to extend 3 to 6 inches beyond the window frame on either side, creating the illusion of higher ceilings and more space. Curtains should just touch the floor or puddle very slightly when hung.

5. Replace Ceiling Fans

If your out-of-date ceiling fans make strange noises or shake when in use, it might be time to upgrade. A new ceiling fan instantly updates a room. Look for on-trend finishes, such as brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. If your fans aren’t too out of style but you’d like an updated look, try using a high-heat spray paint on the metal workings and blades. Modern models are also more energy efficient and reduce heating and cooling bills.

6. Update Your Lighting Inside and Out

Outdated ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, entryway lights, and other lighting throughout the home can be easily replaced to better fit your design style. You can also update lamps by replacing just the shade or finial, painting the base, and upgrading the bulbs for a softer effect.

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