5 Clever Ways to Use Lattice

While lattice is commonly used below porches or around above-ground pools, it can be used in a number of different ways.

For example, you can create a lattice that’s used as a privacy screen or a place to grow climbing plants.

Inside your home, lattice can be used as a decorative accent on doors or headboards. 

Some of the following plans use store-bought lattice panels, while others teach you how to make your own. They’re both simple construction jobs that even a novice can complete.

Note that in some of these designs, trellis and lattice are used interchangeably. 

Lattices are usually constructed out of wooden strips crossed diagonally or squarely, whereas a trellis is a wooden structure that holds climbing plants.

Besides lattice and trellis, the terms “arbor” and “pergola” are sometimes used. 

An arbor is usually used as an entryway that you walk through. It has either a square or a domed top. An arbor is similar to a pergola, but its broader roof provides more shade. Arbors or pergolas can incorporate lattice or trellis designs.

1. Wall of flowers

This free lattice plan creates a classic lattice by crossing wood strips in a diamond pattern. It’s a straightforward DIY project that’s ideal for beginners. 

After positioning the lattice against the porch wall, hang flower pots from the wood strips to add a cheery look to any home.

It’s also a short job to complete, taking less than two hours from start to finish.

2. Chevron lattice

Instead of the typical square or diamond pattern, this DIY lattice features a trendy chevron pattern. Each lattice measures about 8 feet high by 36 inches wide. 

You can use the lattice as a support system for vines and flowers, or simply to adorn your home.

3. Privacy screen

Use Lattice
Source: DIY Passion

Here we have another chevron design, only this time, the lattice is used as a privacy screen. Notice, the boards were set closely together for extra privacy. The lattice is made of pressure-treated lumber that can be stained or painted to give it a unique appearance that will suit any home.

4. Lattice screen door

This project takes a cheap metal door and adds lattice to the bottom in the Chippendale design style. This easy project raises and distinguishes the door. 

Only a few boards are required to make this stunning design that will wow your neighbors.

5. Pet gate

Finally, this attractive pet gate is made of plastic lattice panels. It’s a terrific freestanding gate with hinges that allow it to fold up simply. Using lattice panels makes this a simple and inexpensive project, and because it’s made from plastic, it’s long-lasting and easy to clean.

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