5 Ways to Turn Your Deck into A Summer Haven

5 Ways to Turn Your Deck into A Summer Haven

More families prefer to spend time lounging outdoors when the weather gets warmer. This means it’s time to fix up your backyard and deck so you and your company can enjoy summer activities.

Thus, if it’s been a while since you’ve visited your deck, there are ways you can modernize it into an attractive living space. You may need to spruce up the place before bringing in new features that bring your deck to life.

Here are the five ways to turn your deck into a summer haven.

1.Update Your Decking

Updating your flooring should be the first step in transforming your deck into an area of leisure for summer. This will give it structure and ensure that there won’t be maintenance issues and breakage that can threaten the safety and wellbeing of your family.

If your home has gone through a period of harsh weather such as snow, rain, and strong winds, you should inspect your patio for damages. This is also ideal if you haven’t cleaned your deck for many months after use. Check for cracks, chips, oil, moisture stains, and loose segments in your floor.

If you’re looking for a more durable and water-resistant material than stone, brick, or wood, you should consider installing composite decking as a replacement. It lasts longer than wood and requires less upkeep while still being a solid substance to upgrade your deck.

2. Add Outdoor Furniture

There’s no better way for your family and friends to enjoy the summer relaxing on the deck than with comfortable outdoor furniture. They are made to withstand seasonal weather changes but will require some cleaning every few months. You’ll also want to choose furniture that suits your environment and summer activities.

You can opt for wrought iron chairs and a roundtable if you’re not keen on too much maintenance, as they only need a wipe-down before use and are perfect for windy climates.  Plastic chairs and tables are an inexpensive and long-lasting choice.

You can dress them up with cushion fabrics and linens that match the earth-toned colors of your deck. There are also wooden benches, sofas, and woven chairs that you can choose from if you want to keep mold and summer insects away.

3. Spruce Up the Patio Garden

Landscaping is one of the most important elements in enhancing the overall look of your deck. Revamping your deck garden decorates the entire patio space that connects your deck to the garden and backyard. Thus, you can begin the design of arranging your plants along the paths and the corner edges of the patio.

5 Ways to Turn Your Deck into A Summer Haven
Patio and garden of family home at summer

You can choose from evergreen pot plants that suit the terrain to small shrubs and trees that can be secured into the ground with sand and stone. Flower beds and stone walls can also be placed around the perimeter to add a touch of color and drama. Furthermore, remember to tidy up the area when it needs sprucing up. Make sure to trim hedges, rake leaves and mow the lawn to polish it up for summer.

4. Install Patio Lighting

You can prolong your summer events into the night by installing patio lighting. The type of lights you choose can also be used to set the ambiance and atmosphere of your deck. Wall lighting is best if you want a bright light to make the entire deck area lit up and continue casual entertainment.

There’s also landscape lighting to surround your deck’s perimeter and keep everything well lit. To create a more romanticized mood, you can choose tea, candles, fairy lights, lanterns, and table lamps. These will bring a dimmed lighting effect that encourages relaxation and restful lounging around.

5. Add Accessories

Once your deck has all the necessary items and fixtures to create a summer haven, you can put in some additional features. Think of these as accessorizing your deck to add visual appeal and enhance the entertainment options for your family and guests. A popular feature is a fire pit that can be installed into the deck. It can be used for warmth on chilly summer nights or as a roasting food and treats.  Alternatively, a regular barbecue grill works just fine.

You can also opt for modern items such as soaking tubs, water features, and patio ponds, depending on your space and budget. For more subtle add-ons, you can embellish your space with small table ornaments, hanging chairs, a rug for coziness, shapely side tables, and large deck umbrellas to provide shade and relief from direct sun.


You can turn your deck into a summer haven by focusing on what needs to be cleaned first. Revamp or replace any broken flooring and tidy up your garden and lawn.

From here, you can focus on decorating your newly renovated deck by adding furniture, lights, florals, and entertainment features. Doing this will leave you with a perfectly prepped deck ready to be used for summer fun and recreation.

Authors bio: Alyssa Schnieder is a writer from Albany, Georgia, passionate about interior design and DIY home projects. She enjoys walking her black Labrador and barbequing with her husband when she’s not flipping through design-themed coffee table books.

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