5 Old-School Home Maintenance Routines to Secure your Property Value

5 Old-School Home Maintenance Routines to Secure your Property Value

Home maintenance is no one’s favorite task but as the saying goes ‘you need to give in order to receive’. Scheduling a few hours a month (sometimes more, sometimes less) taking care of your property is a good way to keep on top of things. By practicing proactive maintenance, you can prevent big and costly damages. You are also in for a good inspection report and you will increase the property value of your home.

A well-maintained home is not only pleasant to live in and admired by visitors but it’s also a great return on investment. If you decide to sell it one day, all the hard work will pay off. You can take advantage of house removals to assist with your relocation. Depending on your property type, whether it’s a newly built apartment or an old house, the to-do list will vary. However, there are some tasks which apply to all properties and if you are good with your hands, you can do most alone. If you don’t have enough space at your home for the maintenance equipment and any extra materials you may need, you can always take advantage of storage facilities. 

Here are some useful home maintenance routines to follow in order to secure your property value.

Inspect your roof

It’s recommended to perform this activity biannually as a preventive measure. Roof replacement is one of the most expensive home maintenance tasks and as it’s exposed to all weather conditions it is something which will eventually need to be done. However, you can prolong this period by regularly cleaning your gutters and removing moss and anything else piled up which might clog it and lead to a leak or even cracks and breaks in the gutter. Also, check the state of the roof shingles and replace any broken or loose pieces before they result in a leak. If you notice any dips in the roof this might indicate a leakage or rotten wooden beams. So you should definitely give it greater attention and find the problem to fix it. 

Check your HVAC system

Depending on your skills and experience, if you feel confident enough go ahead and perform this check yourself, otherwise call a professional for an annual HVAC service. Make sure that you clean and replace the filters of your furnace and air conditioning units. Check your thermostat and ensure it’s in a good working order. Inspect your vents and clean them from dust, trapped insects or anything else that might block them. By performing these regular maintenance tasks you can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system

Examine and repair any leaks

Leaks are not uncommon, and they can occur both from inside and outside your property from many different sources. They can cause big damage followed by costly repairs if not stopped on time. A good point to start is to inspect your hot water tank and try to completely empty it to remove any stagnant water which might be brownish in color. If you notice even a slight leak from your toilet or faucets make sure you attend to it immediately so the problem doesn’t get worse. 

Painting update

Have a good look at your exterior paint for any chips or peels which might require a fresh coat to be applied and some touch-up work done. This is best done in the spring/summer months so the paint can dry quickly. A freshly painted property not only looks visually more appealing and adds value but if good paint is used, it’s also a way to protect your walls from erosion and withstand different weather conditions. 

Take care of your appliances

This is usually an overlooked task as it’s not exactly considered maintenance. Inspecting appliances can result in you often disregarding it and forgetting to do it. Your home appliances are a huge domestic help, and you should take good care of them so they function at their best. If you want perfectly clean dishes, don’t forget to clean the dishwasher filter which is usually located at the bottom and collects all food remains. Also check the salt level and refill when necessary. Your washing machine and dryer also need periodic cleaning. 

Take good care of your property and it will take care of you one day when you decide to sell it.

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