4 Home Improvement Projects to Do as a Family

4 Home Improvement Projects To Do As A Family

Do you want to spend quality time with your kids? Or do you simply want them to get involved in home improvement tasks? Here are four projects you can do as a family to freshen up your home while spending meaningful time together.

1. Paint the family room.

If you have just moved into your house, tips for unpacking will tell you to let your kids help to make the process more quickly. However, if it’s about painting a room in your house, is it still an advice to follow?

Definitely. Painting a family room together is one of the most common projects for a family to do. While adding a new coat of paint makes a space look better, this is also fun to do with the kids, and it makes your space more personal.

If your kids are budding artists or painters, you can let them brush up on their skills by adding a splash of color or asking them to help you choose a new color. However, if they are too young, make sure to have the floor covering ready. You may also need to touch up any mistake they will make. Also, divide the walls into portions so every member has something to work on according to their height.

2. Tidy up your closets.

While you love to track your parcel of clothes and favorite stuff, shouldn’t you try to organize your closets too? This is definitely a great improvement project to do as a family. As you involve the kids in organizing closets, you’re also giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility over their space. It also teaches the kids the value of cleaning up.

When cleaning up your closets, start small but realistic. You don’t have to take everything out as not everything needs to be cleaned up. Look at your stacks and pick out never-worn items, those that don’t fit or won’t be worn again. Sort out whatever heap you can have and see which can be kept, tossed, donated, stored or washed again.

If you know Mari Kondo, the ultimate organization queen, then you can get some ideas on how to go about with this family project. Marie Kondo specializes in decluttering and organizing, teaching people how to turn a messy space into a neat one. You’ll surely get tons of new ideas to transform your closets from her!

3. Start a garden.

If you want your kids to develop an understanding and appreciation of nature, then creating a garden with them will be a great experience. Not only will you have home-grown produce (if you’re doing a vegetable garden), but you are also giving them a good form of exercise. This could also be the perfect solution if you’re having trouble with getting them to eat vegetables.

In addition to growing vegetables or other plants that are easy to grow, you can also simply clean the yard or pull weeds together. 

4. Build or refurbish your furniture.

Do you want to bring a new life to your furniture? Or did your kitchen appliance package arrive? It’s time to get the children involved! 

Most kids love building or making something. This is helpful to help them develop their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and even their social skills. So, try to level up their skills by building something bigger, together. Something that they will see and use daily. Wouldn’t they take pride when they see the furniture they help build being useful? This will surely help boost their confidence.

You can start with simple tasks like asking your kids to hand out things to you. Then you can go further with cutting, hammering or painting a closet or whatever needs to be fixed, depending on their capacity. You’ll see that sometimes it’s easier to install a flatpack of furniture with the family than doing it alone.

When it comes to making the bond stronger within your family, you can let your creativity flow. These are only four of the many home improvement projects you can do as a family. If you have done something not on the list, please feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

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