Tips for Choosing Furniture for a Small Space

Tips for Choosing Furniture for a Small Space

Do you live in a tiny rental or have a minuscule room in your home you’re unsure what to do with? Decorating tiny is no easy feat, but to help make it less stressful, here are some top tips for choosing furniture for a small space.

Size Matters

When it comes to tiny room furniture, size seriously matters. We recommend viewing furniture in person rather than online. It can be tough to gauge size from text and photos alone, and you need your furniture measurements to be accurate if you want it to fit.

Take the “Guess’ Out of Guesstimating

Grab your tape measure and measure your room twice (to be sure). But that’s not all. You’ll also want to measure any doors, halls, or stairs you need to traverse to get your furniture in place. The last thing you want is a couch jammed halfway up the stairs!

Go Modular

Modular furniture is your friend. With it, you can make small rooms functional without overfilling them. Modular furniture is furniture that you can use for more than one thing—a futon, an entertainment center with additional shelves, an ottoman with built-in storage, etc. Because these pieces fill several roles simultaneously, they’ll reduce how much furniture you need.

Keep It Light & Airy

For smaller areas, it’s best to stick to bright colors because they open up the room and make it seem larger than it is. Avoid using a dark shade as the primary color. Too much darkness can close off your room and emphasize how cramped it is.

On a similar note, circular and pedestal-leg furniture can also give the illusion of a roomier space.

With these tips for choosing furniture for a small space, you can find furniture that fits perfectly in your tiny space—no hassle, no headache, just easy shopping!

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