Energy-Efficient Upgrades to Make to Your Home

Energy-Efficient Upgrades To Make to Your Home

If you’re looking to minimize your energy usage while maintaining a comfortable home, rest assured that you have plenty of options. Make these upgrades to your home to boost energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort or function.

Replace Insulation

How old is your home? Even if it was fully insulated at the time it was built, insulation material breaks down over time. Insufficient insulation can lead to heated air escaping from your home in the winter, which makes your heater work harder and costs you more money. Re-insulate your home and pay special attention to any cracks or leaks where air can potentially escape.

Upgrade Appliances

Older appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators tend to use more energy than newer models. Home appliance manufacturers have been working toward increased efficiency for decades now; when it comes time to replace an appliance, ask your dealer about an eco-conscious replacement.


Look for the Energy Star label on appliances as you shop. That sticker means the appliance meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy standards.

Swap Lightbulbs

Are you still using incandescent bulbs in your home? Switch them out for LED lights. LED bulbs last up to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use up to 90 percent less energy. They also come in a variety of colors and warmth levels—LED bulbs don’t have to be blindingly bright.

Install a New HVAC System

How old is your heating and air conditioning system? Do you find yourself calling for repairs frequently? A brand-new HVAC unit can save you money and decrease stress in the long term. The new unit will heat and cool your space evenly and use energy more efficiently throughout the day. Choose one with the Energy Star certification to ensure its efficacy.

Consider a Smart Thermostat

Does your home really need to be thoroughly heated or cooled when nobody’s home? Be conscious of how much energy you’re using to maintain the temperature in your home, and think about installing a smart thermostat. You can use an app to program it with your preferred temperature settings and control it from anywhere.

Did You Know?

Installing smart technology can boost the appeal of your home if you’re thinking about selling. Potential buyers, especially those who have used smart tech before, are more likely to buy a smart house.

For your next home improvement project, think about making these energy-efficient upgrades. Your home will remain comfy, and your energy bills will become much more manageable. 

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