How to Improve your Property’s Real Estate Value with Art

How to Improve your Property's Real Estate Value with Art
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Are you looking for an opportunity to sell your property for some more money? Having a put-together look can improve your chances of earning more on your sale. Artwork  in your home can help you achieve that polished look. Read on to find out what you can do with art to make your property pop on the real estate market.

Why art?

Whether you choose the minimalistic style with geometry-inspired pieces, or you go full-on baroque with golden frames and classical paintings, the art is made to make people feel something. And that is the card you want to play when preparing your property for potential buyers.

If you are considering complete remodeling, we suggest you go with professionals, and you can add art yourself at a later time. Having a statement centerpiece can give your place that wow effect we all aim for.

Besides making your buyers stand mesmerized in front of a beautiful piece of art, it can make your place look more expensive and luxurious. This comes from a period when only very rich people could afford art. 

Whether you do have a truly expensive piece or something that only looks expensive, it will certainly create a glamorous feeling. Therefore, you can possibly get more coins for the more expensive-looking property.

Important things to consider

Art can improve your chance of selling the place, but it is not the only factor you should consider. The first and the most important thing is that your space is spotless when buyers, or agents arrive. 

How to Improve your Property's Real Estate Value with Art

Everything should be cleaned, washed, and smell great. If it is too much work for you, you can always invest some money in professional cleaning services. This will help you achieve that frisky, light, put-together moment we have discussed before.

Pay attention to small details like corners, a garden if there is one, a porch, etc. Buyers are going to want to see every inch of the property, which is obviously reasonable. Make sure they do not see anything that you would not want to see yourself on a potential new home tour.

The ‘feels like home’ vibe

Improve your Property's Real Estate Value with Art

Nothing says yes to buying a property than when your heart feels like it is already at home. You want to set up the place in such a way that it offers coziness and that warm, fuzzy feeling we usually associate with home.

This emotion can not be easily achieved with stone-cold naked walls and floors. That is when art comes to the rescue. It is not expected that you can pinpoint the exact taste in the art for your buyer, but anything is better than an overall empty look. 

If you happen to have a glamorous original piece that has value on the market, do not hesitate to show it off. Put it somewhere special where its potential can be maximized. Basically, you would want to present it in a way that it would not go unnoticed.

The art of the 21st century

Digital art, prints, and paintings can also be a great addition to your decor. There are multiple talented artists and designers out there that sell their prints, all you have to do is frame those and put them up.

Choose an artist by your preferred style, or contact your high school friend that became a top-tier designer and support them by purchase. You can decide on what you want according to your budget, but you probably can get a luxurious looking (and handmade!) piece for a reasonable price.

Improve your Property's Real Estate Value with Art

Mention it is the work of this and that designer if someone seems very interested in the piece. It would create the ‘this place has its own designers and painters, wow’ effect and might help you present your property as more expensive, therefore worth more on the market. Fingers crossed!

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