5 Home Staging Tips for a Fall Home Sale

If you stage your home before listing it this fall, you’ll be in a great position to sell it for more than you asked for. Depending on the location, bidding wars are driving prices upward, so sellers can benefit from the competition.  

Although getting a home sold quickly with potential bidding wars sounds great for a seller’s bottom line, it’s still important to emotionally connect with homebuyers in order to establish urgency and start the sale. 

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, time will grow short, so give priority to the tasks that will have the most impact. 

These 5 fall home staging tips can help you get the most out of your investment and help sell your house faster.

1. Curb appeal

When your yard looks great, it’s an invitation to buyers to come inside your home.

Give your yard a fresh look; rake leaves, pull weeds, spread mulch, and trim any trees and shrubs to prepare it for the winter. Not only will the new homeowners appreciate not having to mow as they’re moving in, it shows that the home has been well maintained as well. 

And of course, keep the grass cut. To really make your home stand out, add some seasonal flowers in key locations, such as by your front door. Take advantage of the pumpkins you’ll find everywhere during the fall and buy a few in a variety of sizes to put on display by the front door.

2. Light the Way

The shorter days that lie ahead mean it will get darker earlier in the day. A few timer-controlled lamps should be placed around the house so that potential buyers won’t stumble their way through the viewing. Make sure to have plenty of artificial light to supplement the natural light that remains.

Illuminate the path leading to the front door and turn on all of the outdoor lighting. By turning on the fireplace or candles inside, you can create an atmosphere. 

Additionally, the interior lighting will help buyers focus on the size and brightness of your home. Well-lit spaces not only appear larger but also cozier, giving potential buyers a warm welcome as they arrive.

If you have one, show off your fireplace. The focal point of a living area should always be the fireplace, in particular. Bring the outdoors inside by emphasizing this fantastic selling point, which is especially great now that fall is here! A large mirror hung over the fireplace will really draw attention to this feature. 

3. Invoke coziness

You’re no doubt aware that the chilly fall weather will make potential buyers want to feel warm and cozy inside your home. 

Use plush, cozy blankets and furry throw pillows to welcome the fall season. It won’t take long to receive an offer if you can do anything to make the buyer feel at home and ready to curl up in a cozy chair by the fire.

4. Appeal to emotions

Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves living their lives in your home. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to help them envision just that.

Larger kitchens imply more nutritious home-cooked meals, and family rooms help potential buyers imagine themselves relaxing with their loved ones after a long day at work. 

Also, nothing says “fall” more than comforting aromas when viewing a home. Stir up a pot of hot apple cider with cinnamon for potential buyers to sip during an open house and/or warm up a loaf of pumpkin bread in the oven!

Sure, they’ll know what you’re doing, but that won’t reduce its impact in the slightest!

5. Update the images on your listing

Finally, while staging your home is important, don’t forget that buyers are looking at the online photos of your home, so update them with your fresh fall photos. Your listing will seem dated because of the photos from last season.

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