6 Security Tips for Protecting Your Valuables in Your Home

6 Security Tips for Protecting Your Valuables in Your Home

As a homeowner, you don’t want to overlook the importance of keeping your valuables safe. Whether you’re concerned about antique heirlooms, beloved collectibles, high-value electronics, or all three, investing in security can help deter theft and keep you protected in the event that something is stolen. And of course, the first step is to make sure you add your valuables to your homeowners insurance policy so they’re covered if anything happens.

Here are six tips to help keep the valuables in your house protected.

1. Set Up a Security System

Investing in a professional monitoring system can help you keep an eye on your valuables and catch a thief if one were to break into your home. Plus, installing security cameras and sensors may be warning enough to deter thieves considering breaking in. Of course, security systems have another benefit — they can also keep your most valuable asset, your family, protected.

You can hire a company to professionally install a security system with 24/7 monitoring, or you can opt to install a wired or wireless system yourself. You should make sure to invest in door entry sensors to alert you if someone enters your property, an interior alarm, and interior and exterior cameras facing all entryways.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also install window sensors and motion sensor lights. A doorbell camera may even come in handy if you ever have valuables delivered while you’re away at work.

A home security system may also improve the value of your home, tempting prospective buyers with built-in safety features if you decide to sell in the future. Alternatively, if you’re shopping for a home, consider asking your real estate broker or agent to prioritize houses with security systems.

2. Add Exterior Lighting to Deter Theft

Installing exterior lighting that’s motion sensored or turns on when you need it can be a great defense mechanism. A well-lit exterior can help you catch attempted thieves and alert prospective burglars that you’re home. Using motion sensor flood lights near garages and entry points may help ward off uninvited guests, while exterior lights on your porch, backyard, and side yard can prevent thieves from even considering your house.

3. Leave Lights on When You’re Away From Home

Remember how we mentioned that exterior lights can alert thieves that you’re home? Leaving them on when you go away for the weekend or on nights when you’re out late can also fend off burglars. You can even set your lights to a timer so they turn on after the sun goes down and back off during the daytime.

4. Be Careful Where You Hide Spare Keys

If you need to leave a key out for a family member or neighbor, consider where you’re hiding it. Placing it under a rock next to your door or under the doormat are pretty typical spots that thieves are likely to check.

Be creative about where you hide the key, and if possible, deliver it to your family member or neighbor in person. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Keep Your Valuables in a Safe

Although some of your valuables may be out on display, items that you do not use or display often, such as jewelry, can be kept in a safe. This way, even if someone does break into your home, they won’t be able to leave with your most precious possessions.

It may be worth using a safety deposit box at a bank for items that are irreplaceable.

6. Keep Valuables Hidden When an Unfamiliar Person Is in Your Home

It’s a good idea to keep expensive valuables out of sight when an unfamiliar person comes to your home, such as a plumber, internet technician, or contractor. Unfortunately, when a stranger enters your home, you never know their true intentions. Unless you know someone personally and trust them, it’s best to keep your valuables safely tucked away. You can move important items into cabinets, closets, or different rooms temporarily, and bring them back out when the person leaves.

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