10 Ways to Make Your Work from Home Space More Productive

10 Ways to Make Your Work from Home Space More Productive

Whether you’re working at home by choice or by COVID-era office policy, chances are good you’ve already experienced the challenges that come with integrating your professional life into your home life. It’s possible to make your work-from-home space an energized and productive place. Here are 10 ways to get the job done at home.

1. Get Dressed Every Day

It may seem silly, but shuck those jammies and wear real pants to your home office. It’s harder to get back into bed or lounge on the couch in street clothes, so dress every day as if you’re leaving the house.

2. Tailor Your Level of Noise

Some workers thrive in the hustle and bustle of office life, while others are distracted by the sound of paper being replaced in the printer.

If you need sustained periods of silence for productivity, set up a dedicated room in your home. Otherwise, find a location that’s adjacent to where the activities of the house take place.

If you’re relocating as a newly remote worker and want to find the perfect place with an office, find a real estate agent who can show you houses with potential office spaces that will fit your needs.

3. Make the Space Pleasant

It doesn’t matter if you work at one end of the kitchen table or in a dedicated room of your home — make your remote office somewhere you like to be. Fill it with plants if that makes you feel relaxed, and choose a paint color you love.

Natural light is also a bonus, especially during the darker months of the year. If you struggle to stay awake, choose a workspace with south- and east-facing windows for the most natural light year-round.

Building out your home office may even add resale value to your home and help you sell faster if and when you need to relocate.

4. Remove Distractions

Distractions can torpedo your workday before it begins. Make sure your space is free from video games, hobby materials, and anything that might divert your attention from the task at hand.

5. Stay Organized

Keep your home office organized and tidy. Otherwise, you may avoid that huge pile of papers and projects on your desk at home.

6. Invite Pets Into Your Day

You may not be able to bring your pets into the office, but they’re welcome at home as long as they don’t pull you away when you really need to work. Dog and cat people might find that their pets provide a welcome break from time to time, too.

7. Add Scents

No one likes the office worker who reheats fish in the breakroom microwave or wears an overly floral perfume in the elevator. But for remote workers, lighting incense or burning candles can actually foster productivity and focus.

8. Buy the Tools You Need

Remote work often entails conference calls, video meetings, and document sharing. Make sure you’re equipped with the software and hardware you need to do your job.

9. Create a Playlist

Program a flow to your workday by creating a playlist that mirrors your targeted energy level — calm, quiet music for meetings and energized mixes for brainstorming and creative work. These little details can keep you productive and engaged all day.

10. Follow a Routine to Begin and End Your Day

As a remote worker, it can be difficult to draw a boundary between when work begins and ends. Don’t fall into the trap of working 24/7 just because it’s there. Create a ritual that signals both the beginning and end of your day. Then stick to it.

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