How To Keep Your Home Feeling Warm and Cozy This Winter

How To Keep Your Home Feeling Warm and Cozy This Winter

Winter is coming, which means we’re all going to be spending more time indoors. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to fend off winter’s chill and stay comfortable inside all season. Keep reading to learn some quick tips to help you keep your home feeling warm and cozy this winter.

Check Your HVAC Unit

If you haven’t already had to turn up the thermostat at home yet, you will soon. Make sure that your HVAC unit is ready for the coming winter demand. There’s nothing worse than being stranded at home in the middle of winter without a heat source. There are several steps to get your HVAC system ready for winter, so don’t try to take all the complex work into your own hands. Schedule a wintertime tune-up with a local contractor to ensure that your HVAC system is in good condition for the coming cold weather.

Dust Off Your Fireplace

Just because you have an HVAC unit to heat your home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good, old-fashioned indoor fire. If you’re looking for the perfect warm and cozy atmosphere, swap the video of a crackling campfire on TV for the real thing. You should clean and inspect your fireplace once a year, especially before the season you’ll use it most: winter. Once your fireplace and chimney are clean, you can start having indoor fires to provide supplemental warmth and coziness on extra-cold days.

Add Comfy Blankets

Some furniture and flooring options can make your rooms feel colder even with the heat running. For example, leather furniture and wood floors can feel cool to the touch. This is great during the summer, but not so much during the cold weather. Pull your favorite fuzzy blankets out of storage and scatter them throughout your home. Make sure every couch and reclining chair has a blanket for easy access when you want to snuggle in and watch your favorite holiday movie.

Get the Lighting Right

Achieving a cozy feeling at home is about more than warm temperatures—atmosphere and lighting are crucial to the cozy mood too. Because it gets darker earlier during the winter months, you might be tempted to keep your home brightly lit with artificial lighting as soon as the sun goes down. However, when you don’t strictly need the bright light for reading, cooking, and other activities, consider dimming the lights or changing your bulbs. A softer light will provide a warmer, comfier environment. You can even light candles to provide warm hues, pleasant seasonal fragrances, and soft lighting throughout your home.

Whether you’re preparing to have guests for the holiday season or creating a comfortable space for your family, remember these tips to keep your home warm and cozy this winter.

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