Aquascaping For Beginners: 11 Beautiful Aquatic Plants

If you haven’t heard of aquascaping before, this could be the perfect hobby to embark on to bring some nature into your home. If you love gardening, and the serenity of keeping fish, then there is no better way to merge these two loves, than to create your very own aquascape.

6 Tips For Summer Lawn Care

6 Tips For Summer Lawn Care

While you’re off on vacations and weekend getaways this summer, your lawn is suffering in the heat and not having anywhere near the fun that you are. Naturally, you’d rather be relaxing at the lake or taking in the sights of another city, but grass is a living thing and needs tending. It’s as important to focus on good summer lawn care as it is to pack sunscreen.

How to Give Your Curb Appeal a Summer Makeover

Summertime may be when the living is easy, but these old song lyrics don’t take into account the work necessary to keep your home running smoothly. Whether you’re getting ready to sell your home or host the party of the year, curb appeal is essential.