If a Natural Disaster were to Strike Today, Would you be Prepared?

The saying “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.” should hold especially true when it comes to a natural disaster. If you do live in a place where a natural disaster strikes more often than you would like, you probably have an emergency plan in place. The problem? That emergency plan most likely only focuses on your safety and how to survive. What a lot of people fail to take into consideration is what it’s like to try to start over again when they lose their entire house and everything in it. For example, could you list out all of the items in your home and how much they are worth off the top Read More

Teach Your Kids About Home Security

home securityIf you have kids that are old enough to be home alone, you need to be sure that they know how to react to several situations in regards to home security. Before you ever let them stay home alone, you need to be confident that they know the best way to: Read More

Burglary Numbers in the United States

If you don’t currently have a 21st century alarm system installed in your home to protect you, your family, and your belongings from burglars, the infographic below might be the eye-opener you needed to get one. One of the stats that stood out the most was that there is a burglary every 14 seconds in the United States! The United States burglary numbers are substantial and tracked by local policy and FBI from the smallest theft to the largest and most extravagant.  Most burglars are men with an average household loss of over $2000 and one robbery of paintings in 1990 was worth over $300 million.  Read More