Creative Toy Storage Solutions for a Clutter-Free Living Room

One of the most common reasons people move is to accommodate a growing family. Families move not just to accommodate more family members but also all the stuff that comes with them — more furniture, more clothes, and lots and lots of toys.

But before you move across the country for a house with bigger closets, it’s worth considering some innovative storage solutions in your current home. With a bit of creative thinking, you can easily and discreetly triple or quadruple your living room’s storage capacity. Guests who come over to watch the big game won’t even suspect that the sectional sofa they’re sitting on, the coffee table they set their drink on, and the ottoman under their feet double as secret toy storage.

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Children’s Locker Storage

Children's Locker Storage

It is amazing all the items you need to get the children off and ready for school each day. Do they have their coats, hats, shoes, backpacks, and books? Do they have some sports event or practice later in the day that requires a uniform or sporting equipment? The constant worry of does my child have everything they need for the day is consistent. Especially, if the family is not organized. A way to get organized is by creating children’s locker storage.

When creating this storage area is it important to remember what your child needs in order to seamlessly get off to school everyday. Some key areas to consider are: Read More