What to Look for When Buying a Generator

At best, a power outage is an inconvenience because it interferes with your ability to work and enjoy yourself at home, such as your lights, TV, and computer. At worst, a blackout can actually endanger your life because it can disable your heating system in the dead of winter, disable your air conditioner in the middle of a summer heat wave, or disrupt life-saving medical equipment.

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What does Energy Star really mean?

It comes up often, how do appliances and home solutions secure an Energy Star ranking? And what is the value of Energy Star appliances and equipment to my home? A solution must meet minimum standards defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. The list of standards can be found here.  One of the standards listed is the ability to measure energy efficiency effectiveness. Another standard is that the products need to be labeled energy efficient.

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Celebrating Green in Your Home


How do you go green in your home?  Start by leveraging healthy and natural cleaning products. Products like lemons,vinegar, baking soda and salt make great natural cleaning products to help with a go green lifestyle. Read More