Celebrating Green in Your Home


How do you go green in your home?  Start by leveraging healthy and natural cleaning products. Products like lemons,vinegar, baking soda and salt make great natural cleaning products to help with a go green lifestyle.

Check Equipment

Then determine how to manage your energy efficiency. Check your home equipment like air conditioning units, dryer vents, and hot water heaters. Are these units working properly, do they have filters that need replacing or cleaning or flushing that will make the units more effective.

Change Behavior

Change your behavioral patterns by reducing water waste in your home. When in your kitchen turn off your faucet between washing’s or add a low flow aerator to your faucet to reduce the amount of water being used. Maximize the use of water by running your dishwasher when it is full. Changing behavior to make sure your lights are off when you leave a room can also create energy efficiency in your home.

Using energy efficient bulbs can also make a world of difference in your energy efficiency. This usage which can reduce the size of your electric bills.

Temperature Settings

Another simple way of managing your bills and becoming more energy efficient is to watch your temperature in your home. A few degrees one way or the other can make a huge difference. The amount of energy your home will produce. To help manage the cold or the heat, add more blankets to your bedding during the winter months.  Use shades during the hot months,

Tax Incentives

There are also federal tax credits that are being distributed to homeowners who adopt the use of solar or wind systems. Updating your windows, roof and insulation may result in you qualifying for tax credits. Learn about some of the tax credits here . And make sure you consult your accountant to verify these programs.

Finally, let HomeZada let you track all the information you have about your house in one place. This will replace all the paper around your house. You can even get all your reminders from HomeZada. Reminders when you need to clean your home equipment and track your updates about your house like roof or insulation improvements.

4 Responses to “Celebrating Green in Your Home”

  1. We could not agree more. Be are using all kinds of ecofriendly actitivies to manage our homes and going paperless is yet another major intiative at HomeZada.

  2. Thanks for breaking it down like this. I am always looking for more ways to go “green”. This post lets me know that I’m headed in the right direction…

    • We are glad you enjoyed this post. One little change at a time can make a big difference.