How to Grow a Garden in a Small Space

IHow to Grow a Garden in a Small Spacef you’ve been dreaming of growing your own food but you live in a small home with an even smaller yard, take heart.

You don’t have to own acres of land to grow tasty vegetables…or even fruit!

Following are some tips and tricks for gardening in a small space that will fill your baskets with bright and tasty foods and help you save money too! Read More

Tips and Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Garden 

Tips and Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Garden Keeping things tidy may start as an idea, but can evolve into a lifestyle. And this ideology extends outside the walls of your home and into your tidy garden. We have all seen that house with the overgrown shrubs look like there is a rain forest on your block. Or there is the other extreme, Read More

The Best 2016 Garden Design Trends that will Blow your Mind

Best 2016 Garden Design TrendsGuest Blogger: Diana Smith

Landscape architecture has been popular for a long time, but in 2016 – it has reached new levels of superior design and solution.

Unlike the usual garden-designing we are used to, this time around we are presented with something way more geometric, fresh and contemporary in terms of outdoor solutions. Some designs have gone totally against the manicured lawns and embraced the overgrown areas with the Read More

How to Pet Proof Your Backyard Infographic

HomeAdvisor created this great infographic describing how to pet proof your backyard. Take into consideration fencing areas, common areas, and organic fertilizers to protect the garden and also your pets. Knowing which plants to grow in your yard will also help you keep your pets safe from illness. Simply adding a dog house or fencing can keep your pets safe in their own backyard. Carefully using safe fertilizers and planting pet safe plants to your garden can also help keep a pet safe. Remember hanging decor and bird feeder. A cat or dog can easily jump high only to hurt themselves.

Remember your furniture. If you have nice furniture and you do not want your pets on the cushions, then take precautions. You can add paper that scares the pet or training to make sure the pet does not climb on the furniture.

Take a look at how you can pet proof your backyard. Read More

5 Reasons to Keep Your Yard Clear of Clutter

YardBy Guest Blogger, Linda Bailey

It doesn’t take much to turn a perfectly manicured lawn into an obstacle course for yourself or your pets. Keeping your yard clear of clutter can help you more than you realize. Aside from the obvious physical attributes of a clean lawn, there could also be some mental benefits as well. Why is it important to keep your yard clear of the clutter?

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