Tips and Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Garden 

Tips and Benefits of Keeping a Tidy Garden Keeping things tidy may start as an idea, but can evolve into a lifestyle. And this ideology extends outside the walls of your home and into your tidy garden. We have all seen that house with the overgrown shrubs look like there is a rain forest on your block. Or there is the other extreme, the house that lets everything die and has a large yellow patch where their lawn should be.

Either way, this isn’t you or your garden. You realize that your lawn and garden are extensions of yourself. One way to express your style is with the types of perennials, annuals, and biennials you choose to plant and where in your front or back yard to make their home. Still, once they are all in place it is just as important to keep it all looking good.

Pleasant pathway 

Is the walkway in your garden filled with loose leaves and grass clippings? Cleaning all these loose leaves will definitely give you a tidy garden. The best way to tackle this job would be to pick up all the big pieces and break them down. Then fit them into your rubber can designated for yard waste. Next, get out the broom, sweep up what you can.

You can dispose of the contents or consider using them in compost. Make sure not to add any weeds you have pulled because they can go to seed in your compost.

Next you should hose down your pathway. A good time to do this would be when you are getting ready to water your lawn and garden. It is recommended to water your garden from below so the water that flows from your hose to your grass and plants will be serving two purposes without waste. If you are taking care of a large garden, it is best to investigate light weight hose options like the Zero G garden hose.

Different schedules 

Not all plants are made alike. Each requires its own amount of sun and water. Different plants will bloom, seed, and produce vegetation at different times during the season. So if you have an annual that has already bloomed and growing out of control while also covering your other plants that are filled with beautiful blossoms,  it is time to trim that annual.

If you have a perennial that you would like to trim because it has shed its blossoms and the annuals planted near it are being overwhelmed, make sure to only trim to the bottom spikes and leave the roots in place. That way they will grow again for the next year.  Perennial plants will grow year after year if you trim them properly.

The key here is to check what might be dying and remove it or trim it. This will allow the other plants that are starting to blossom, bloom.

Keep the grass healthy and trim 

This one may seem obvious but just in case. If you want to keep a tidy garden, then keep the areas you dedicate to your lawn well groomed and watered. When thinking of a garden we might let our minds go right to tomatoes or basil. But the truth is, your entire yard is your garden. And you may trim a rose bush here or some squash over there, but if your lawn is overgrown it will be a futile effort.

Benefits of a tidy garden 

The University of Minnesota Extension lists a great deal of benefits for keeping your garden, specifically your lawn tidy. It prevents corrosion, betters the soil, keeps the air cool, enhances the quality of our air, and is beautiful to see.

Tidy gardens calm our souls and the health benefits of that are immeasurable. Keeping a tidy garden benefits us in ways that go far beyond what our neighbors think.

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