7 Clever Cricut Ideas for Your Living Room

If you’ve ever stepped into a craft store, you’ve probably seen the huge displays for this crafter’s little secret called a Cricut machine.

These handy little machines are great for:

  • ⬥Easy gift making
  • ⬥Holiday decor projects
  • ⬥Party crafts
  • ⬥Home decor

Using these machines, you can create inexpensive, easy, and quality decor, labels, and accessories for your home.

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9 Tips to Decorate Your Small Dining Room

Whether your chairs and tables are crammed into a tight space or trying to steal a nook from another room in the house, it’s critical to keep to dining room tips that help turn dinner time into an experience regardless of room size. Let’s go through some simple tips for creating a gorgeous, unique location that serves as the ideal dining room for your little space.

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7 DIY Candle Holder Ideas to Make This Weekend

One of the least expensive ways to beautify your home is with candles. And while you can buy candle holders just about everywhere, when you make your own, you can make them to suit your own unique style.

Need inspiration?

Check out these 7 DIY candle holder ideas from across the web.:

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7 Clever Uses for Old Whiskey or Wine Barrels

Did you know that the barrel-aging process adds more to a spirit’s flavor, aroma, and finish than just adding taste and aroma? It also reduces its ethanol content, so your spirits don’t taste like harsh rubbing alcohol. 

And while they can reuse them, manufacturers will often sell used barrels to companies and individuals, many of whom will use them in interesting ways.

You may have made crafts from wood pallets, or even a pallet bed, but these projects are going to take your reclaimed wood crafting to the next level! 

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8 Tips to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

If you want to maximize the look and feel of your small kitchen, you can play with a wide variety of shades and hues besides white and neutrals.

Even the tiniest of kitchens can feel much bigger with the right paint colors. So, if you’re wondering how to add a little more design interest and room to your tiny home, you can start by upgrading your current color scheme.

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