How to maintain a tankless water heater

If you’ve ever enjoyed a long, hot shower without the fear of running out of hot water, you might have a tankless water heater to thank. 

These handy devices offer endless hot water, improved energy efficiency, and a space-saving design. But, like any appliance, they need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and extend their lifespan.

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The Hidden Costs of Maintaining Unique Products

When you’re researching and looking for a new product for your home, there’s a hidden cost to owning that product that you might need to consider: maintenance. 

If an appliance goes wrong and is out of warranty (it’s like they know when the warranty expires, right?), you have a lot of new appliances in the marketplace to choose from.

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The Importance of Roof Maintenance in Winter: Preventing Ice Dams and Leaks

Howling wind, icy rain, heavy snow: Winter brings some serious challenges. In addition to making your morning commute harder, winter weather is tough on your home. Water is arguably the most damaging part, and keeping it out is critical. As darker, colder days approach, it’s time to turn your attention to roof maintenance to prevent ice dams and leaks. Here’s how to protect the roof over your head.

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Fireplace and Chimney Care: Keeping the Flames Alive Safely in Winter

Nothing soothes the soul and warms the heart more in the wintertime than the flickering ambiance of a fire. For many, it’s not just a cozy way to spend an afternoon — it’s an important source of heat.

Whether your fire sets the scene or keeps your family warm, taking a few steps to ensure your fireplace and chimney are up to the task is critical. Seasonal maintenance ensures your fire burns more efficiently — saving you money — while also ensuring it burns more safely — potentially saving your life.

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15 Must-Have Winter Home Maintenance Tools and Supplies

winter home maintenance tools

It’s the time of year to pull out the winter coats, hats, and boots. When the winter wind howls, protecting yourself against the elements is natural. Just like you wouldn’t stand unprotected in the icy wind and rain, your home also needs safeguarding when the mercury drops.

Taking good care of your home during the winter is one of the best ways to help it hold its value over time. To prepare for the coming weather, here are 15 winter home maintenance tools and supplies to have on hand.

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