5 Awesome Ideas for an Aquarium in Your Living Room

If you’ve fallen in love with the idea of having some colorful marine life in your home, your living room is the perfect place to showcase an aquarium. It can be a centerpiece that attracts guests and children while giving you a relaxing view of the underwater world.

Sure, you could put an aquarium on top of a table against one of your walls, but there are many more creative and eye-catching ways to incorporate an aquarium in your living space. Here are five awesome ideas to inspire you.

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How to Rebuild your Home into an Eco-friendly One

How to rebuild your home into an eco-friendly one

More and more people are trying to turn their homes to be eco-friendly. That change would help you to reduce your bills and also help to save the planet and reduce pollution! Having an eco-friendly home has a lot of benefits.

There are a lot of inexpensive ways to turn your home to be environmentally savvy and look modern at the same time. We will try to cover all the basics of why you should turn your home eco-friendly!

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What To Know About Changing Doors and Windows

What To Know About Changing Doors and Windows

You can say that you don’t care how long your grass gets since you can easily trim upon moving out. However, the two most important parts of your home are your doors and windows. It might be hard to believe, but if they don’t match, look frightening, or sit in odd positions, you won’t have many people coming to see your home. There’s even a chance your doors or windows are weak and won’t shut out the elements from sneaking through cracks and holes. Here’s our quick, definitive guide on what to know about changing doors and windows.

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7 Garage Window Treatment Ideas

Most people think of privacy, not style, when they consider adding window treatments to their garage windows.

However, there’s no reason your garage windows can’t be both beautiful and functional.

After all, in many homes, this is often the first thing visitors will see as they pull into your drive!

Blinds or curtains are both solid options for covering a garage window; each also have their own unique benefits.

Curtains can be found in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs, so you can choose the one that best matches the style of your home. 

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7 Steps to a Solar Powered Home

People switch to solar for a variety of reasons.

Besides generating electricity that is completely pollution-free, solar has a full life-cycle pollutant level that is much lower than any fossil fuel (after accounting for manufacturing and the rest of the supply chain). 

By generating your own electricity, you reduce your reliance on the utilities and protect yourself from future price increases. For those who are truly committed to being independent, they can add batteries to their homes and be disconnected from the grid.

Despite all these compelling reasons to go solar, there are some relatively easy and even free things you should do around your house first, before you invest heavily in solar panels. Some of these are obvious, but others are little vampires that you may not even realize are draining your energy and money.

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