How Much is My Remodel Going to Cost? – HomeZada Launches AI for Remodel Projects

Every homeowner asks themselves this question, “how much is my remodel going to cost?” about all the various remodel projects they are thinking about. But every homeowner struggles to get a quick, realistic budget for the various remodel and home improvement projects they are considering.

Realistic Budgeting

HomeZada’s latest release provides the most amazing ability to help homeowners get realistic and detailed budgets for any home remodel project. HomeZada has incorporated advanced AI technology with its remodel project features to empower any homeowner to financially plan their home improvements.

Most sites provide very broad ranges of budgets for projects which doesn’t help each homeowner in a personalized way. There are 4 key elements to remodeling budgeting that are ignored by most sites which cause homeowners frustration and financial pain.

Four Elements of Project Budgeting

These four elements start with a list of the project materials, fixtures, appliances, etc. required for the project. The second is not taking into consideration the dimensional size of the project which impacts quantities of materials required. The third is not taking into account whether high end, moderate or low-end products will be used. The fourth is whether the homeowner is going to hire a contractor or DIY the project.

How it Works

HomeZada’s AI empowered home improvement project features now uses all four of these elements for ANY project to create detailed budgets. Homeowners start with over 50 common remodel templates that identify the list of items. Users then engage the Zada AI chat to provide dimensions and product quality input. Zada AI then returns detailed line-item budgets for every item that calculates quantities, uses different material price points, and even calculates labor and overhead for projects where the homeowner is hiring a contractor.

The best part is the ongoing dialog homeowners can have with Zada AI. The first budget comes back but you want to see the budget with higher end products. Or you want to add something specific to your project. Or you need to adjust the dimensions. Just ask Zada AI to make the changes and you get a revised budget. And you can keep doing these revisions multiple times! When you are done, save it to your project that you use as your financial baseline.

You must see it to believe it. HomeZada’s AI is like having every single home improvement expert for every trade at your disposal to give you real time feedback on your project with detail budgets. Watch this video now. 

Why is an Accurate Budget Important

Having a realistic and detailed budget for any remodel or home improvement project is critical for homeowners for multiple reasons. First, homeowners are making investments into their home so you need to know the investment amount to assess an ROI. Second, having a great budget help decide how to pay for the remodel whether it is cash, credit, or home equity loan. Third is having a budget helps you evaluate contract bids to compare against your own budget. And finally, it helps you not overspend, not get into a financial dispute with your contractor, and ensure the best outcome for your project.

Financially planning for any home improvement and remodel project has never been easier than with this breakthrough AI empowered approach with HomeZada. It massively empowers all homeowners to be better financial prepared with remodels and to make better financial decisions regarding their largest financial asset. 

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