7 Cute Dog Bed Ideas You Can Make in a Flash

Whether your dog lives inside or outside of your house, you want to make sure he has a place where he can relax and get a good night’s sleep.

And while you could buy a pre-fab dog house, why not give your best friend a custom made bed?

Check out these 7 custom-designed dog beds to inspire you to make your own.

5 Convincing Reasons To Keep Backyard Chickens

5 Convincing Reasons To Keep Backyard Chickens

While the idea may seem a little crazy at first to those who are unfamiliar with it, keeping backyard chickens is quickly becoming a popular trend in the United States. With over 13 million Americans currently owning backyard chickens, it is clear to see that there are many positive reasons to keep these friendly chickens around the house. Here are five convincing reasons to keep backyard chickens:

5 Things You Should Know Before You Build a Koi Pond

5 Things You Should Know Before You Build a Koi Pond

Healthy and happy Koi are the result of a well planned, well built Koi pond. Before building your Koi pond do your research and learn everything you can about caring for these beautiful fish.

If you plan to keep Koi, consider the following things:

  1. 1. The size of your pond is important
  2. 2. You need a filtration unit
  3. 3. Your fish will need the right nutrition
  4. 4. You will need to treat for disease or injury on occasion
  5. 5. Water test kits and additives will be required

How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

How to Make Your Home Pet FriendlyPeople love their pets…and for good reason.

They give us many years of joy and are wonderful, caring, loyal companions. Easily worming their way into our hearts, never to be forgotten. Read More

Much Needed Outrageous and Over the Top Pet Amenities for Your Home

Our pets are furry, scaled and feathered family members that spend a lot of time in and around our homes. So giving our pets the best possible living experience is no different than adding television and computers in our kids rooms.

These over the top pet amenities will make Fido and Tigger excited to be a member of the family. These great home add-ons also make your life a whole lot easier like a large dog bath area. By having a dedicated area to wash your dog will keep your home clean and free of wet dog escaping your master bath.  So some of these great pet features can help make your life a whole lot easier.  Read More