Much Needed Outrageous and Over the Top Pet Amenities for Your Home

Our pets are furry, scaled and feathered family members that spend a lot of time in and around our homes. So giving our pets the best possible living experience is no different than adding television and computers in our kids rooms.

These over the top pet amenities will make Fido and Tigger excited to be a member of the family. These great home add-ons also make your life a whole lot easier like a large dog bath area. By having a dedicated area to wash your dog will keep your home clean and free of wet dog escaping your master bath.  So some of these great pet features can help make your life a whole lot easier.  Read More

How to Pet Proof Your Backyard Infographic

HomeAdvisor created this great infographic describing how to pet proof your backyard. Take into consideration fencing areas, common areas, and organic fertilizers to protect the garden and also your pets. Knowing which plants to grow in your yard will also help you keep your pets safe from illness. Simply adding a dog house or fencing can keep your pets safe in their own backyard. Carefully using safe fertilizers and planting pet safe plants to your garden can also help keep a pet safe. Remember hanging decor and bird feeder. A cat or dog can easily jump high only to hurt themselves.

Remember your furniture. If you have nice furniture and you do not want your pets on the cushions, then take precautions. You can add paper that scares the pet or training to make sure the pet does not climb on the furniture.

Take a look at how you can pet proof your backyard. Read More

For the Love of our Pets


Pets are so an integral part of a family and yet homeowners’ furry family members come in a variety of animals. From dogs and cats to hamsters and birds, from snakes and iguanas to fish and turtles, these animals Read More