How to Transition a Nursery to a Toddler’s Room

How to Transition a Nursery to a Toddler’s Room

Your baby is growing up, and it may be time to update their bedroom. As your child becomes more mobile and playful, their bedroom will be used for different purposes. Instead of being a place primarily for sleep and late-night feedings, it will also become a place for play and education.

Only you can decide the best time to make this transformation, but many parents begin updating their nursery after their child turns 18 months.

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Relocating vs Remodelling

Relocate or RemodelGuest Blogger: Edna Thomson

If your house or flat isn’t big or spacious enough for your family and you have to make the decision whether to remodel it or move to another property, this article will help you make a decision. Both relocating and remodelling has its advantages and disadvantaged so you have to answer yourself some questions before you decide. Measure the pros and cons of relocating and remodeling to decide for yourself which option is better for your case. Read More