Relocating vs Remodelling

Relocate or RemodelGuest Blogger: Edna Thomson

If your house or flat isn’t big or spacious enough for your family and you have to make the decision whether to remodel it or move to another property, this article will help you make a decision. Both relocating and remodelling has its advantages and disadvantaged so you have to answer yourself some questions before you decide. Measure the pros and cons of relocating and remodeling to decide for yourself which option is better for your case.

Location, Location, Location

One of the important things about your property is its location. You need to consider if the neighborhood it is located in is good, if you like the neighbors and are your children happy in their school. These are important factors for your family, which might be considered before you alter your living arrangements. While you can renovate and fix problems in your house and extend it, your existing neighborhood will not exist in your new location.

If you like the location of your house and your property has many facilities, you may consider making some extensions, renovations or conversions of the rarely used areas in it. The good location and design of your property are factors which can make improving your home beneficial instead of selling it. If you consider your existing home valuable for you and your family, you may consider remodeling it to suit your needs, instead of looking for another house or flat.


Calculate the expenses you will have when renovating your property and the expenses you will have if you move. You may want to sell your house if you don’t like the neighborhood, location or design. Another option is to keep your current home and offer it for rent. You have the option of remodeling your home or moving to a new home. Calculate the expenses you will have with each of these options and decide which is the most cost-effective for your situation.

Again evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your house or flat before making your final decision. As you expand on your home there are other areas to consider like cleaning and maintenance. The more rooms and outdoor areas you have, the more time you will need cleaning and maintaining them.

A part of evaluating the cost of renovating vs relocating is to evaluate the structure of your house and determine if it has stable and steady foundations. If so, remodeling and renovation may be a great choice for your family. On the other hand some major defects in the construction or basis of your property indicate it may not be a good decision to remodel the home as the cost to do so, may be more than you anticipated.

You need to take into account that some renovations like room conversions and extensions or add-ons may require permits from the local planning departments or neighbors.. You can use the services of a company like LoftConversion Balham which offers professional conversions, extensions and various renovations. Relocating has advantages like moving to a new and probably better neighborhood and location, having better options for work and school for your children. Remodeling is a better option if you like your own neighborhood and the place your home is situated. If your property has steady foundations and hasn’t got major damage, you may convert your attic or basement into other rooms or add additional rooms to your home.

You can extend your old house adding more rooms and outdoor areas  to suit the needs of your family. The investment you make will pay off later through tax incentives and increased value on your home. On the other hand, selling your home or renting your home may be a better choice should you run into challenges with potential renovations. So the decision whether to sell your existing home and  buy a new house or renovate your existing home  depends on several factors like location, expense and current home structure.

About the Author: Edna has a passion for remodeling, home design and cleaning and is always looking for a new DIY project to complete.