How Your Home Layout Can Alter Your Mood

Have you ever walked into a particular room and felt relief? Instantly reached a level of comfort and coziness. While at other times you felt uneasy or down, after moving to another room. Would you believe that it was down to the room and home layout and details?

The Reasons White Kitchen Cabinets Will Always Be Popular

The Reasons White Kitchen Cabinets Will Always Be Popular

Kitchen is one of the most refashioned spaces in the house. Most people see their kitchen as a heart of the house and most likely to spend a lot of amount on the kitchen. White kitchen cabinets give you a classy, elegant and sophisticated look. White is easy to modernize and decorate because of the white color’s flexibility. A kitchen could be given a totally new personality by just maintaining plain white kitchen cabinets and changing handles and other hardware. Some of the main reasons that prove white kitchen cabinets will always be popular are described below:

HomeZada DIY Projects Tip 6: Tracking Costs and Updating Inventory

Finally, we share DIY projects tip 6, tracking costs and updating your home inventory. In the middle and at the end of a project, most of us forget to keep track of the actual costs, receipts, and any warranties for the things we buy.

Cost Review

Ongoing visibility into the things you own is important so that when warranties run out, you can update them. Or replace them with a working item if the original item should break prior to the warranty expiring.  Read More