HomeZada DIY Projects Tip 6: Tracking Costs and Updating Inventory

Finally, we share DIY projects tip 6, tracking costs and updating your home inventory. In the middle and at the end of a project, most of us forget to keep track of the actual costs, receipts, and any warranties for the things we buy.

Cost Review

Ongoing visibility into the things you own is important so that when warranties run out, you can update them. Or replace them with a working item if the original item should break prior to the warranty expiring. 

Home Inventory Update

Updating your home inventory after a project is another key thing we all tend to forget. Also understanding and tracking what project items costs, especially on new projects, helps you notify your insurance agent of any updates. Sharing your new projects with your insurance agent will help you determine if you are fully insured for all your updates and belongings. Knowing what you have or replaced is important in case of some damage done to your home.

Tax Records Tracking

Keeping track of these costs will also come in handy during tax time or if you decide to sell your home.

With HomeZada, you can easily track all your costs and compare against your budgets. Updating your inventory is also a snap. Check out this quick video to show you how easy it is.

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