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Thanksgiving Table Decorating


Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and celebrating with family and friends. Adding a magnificent table to your holiday festivities can be simple with a few of these tips.


Add a bit of nature to your table by walking your yard or the park and gathering logs, sticks, pine cones and leaves to create a table that is unique and low cost. Try evergreen leaves or large magnolia leaves to add a sense of drama to the table. Maybe you have herbs in your yard like rosemary or thyme.  Adding theseto the table can bring a beautiful herb induced scent and a green element that might not exist this time of year.  Try adding Read more

Clean Your Fridge Day

clean your fridge

Just in time for one of the biggest food holiday, November 15 is National Clean your Fridge Day.  With Thanksgiving around the corner and the need for room in your refrigerator, what a great activity for the whole family to help in cleaning out your refrigerator this weekend.

Start by removing everything from your refrigerator by placing it on your counters or out of the way. Once you have everything out of your refrigerator, wipe down your shelves, Read more

Thank You


It is National Sleep Comfort Month


Sleep is such a vital part of how we stay healthy.  There are so many distractions and stressors in life that can limit our sleep ability and quality.  One thing to keep in mind is how your bed impacts your sleep.  It is recommended that you change your mattresses every 7 – 10 years.  Another way to see if your mattress is ready to be replaced is to see if it can stand up against a wall.  If your bed sags or bends, then Read more

Getting Ready for the Holidays with Guests Coming to Visit


With the upcoming holidays, the time of year for family and friends is quickly approaching.  Many family and friends get together from different areas around the US or even the world and stay at each other’s homes. When these guests are staying with you, here are some great tips to help make their stay more comfortable.  Read more

Home Buying in Winter … To Buy or Wait

Think buying a home in winter is crazy.  Not really.  It is not as common to buy a home in winter due to all the other activities and festivities but there are some great reasons why buying a home in winter just might pay off.  Take a look at why some people might buy a home in winter and the benefits it has on them.  Read more

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November marks Native American Heritage Month.  In celebrating the people and tribes that helped build this country, we are highlighting design elements that incorporate the Native American heritage and culture.

Native Americans leveraged natural elements to craft a culture and a lifestyle.  Using hides from buffalo to create homes and clothing and clay to create serving pieces and art.  Using feathers to create ceremonious head dresses. Using wood to create tools, utensils and sculptures.  Later embracing the gems and stones found in our lands for jewelry.

Using natural elements like stone, exposed wood beams and leather can help incorporate a feel to your home that might pay tribute to the Native American culture.  Adding paintings or weaved art by tribal members to highlight a piece for a personal touch of tribute is another way to incorporate a Native American design style.  Leveraging colors that are natural can highlight the plains of Oklahoma or the red colored terrain of New Mexico.  Using tribal designs to furniture patterns or paintings on your walls can create a unique look to a room while still showcasing your appreciation for the culture.

Native Americans ate from the land and used the hides, furs, feathers and more to respect the animals that fed them by building useful tools, clothing and home furnishings.  Using similar items to create a home design respectful of the culture can add value by incorporating nature to your home.

Home Remodel Tip: Theater Room

home theater

With all the new technology, from streaming movies to large curved flat screen televisions, a growing trend in home improvements is to build out a separate theater or media room in the home. This room can give you great movie watching similar to the movie theater experience to hosting sports watching parties at your home routing for your favorite team.

To get this project started, you will need to locate the appropriate space in your home for a room like this one. Adding a theater room will depend on the overall size and existing layout of your home. If you have a basement, many people will complete it or finish it and part of this space may turn into a theater room. Once you have identified the space, identify room layout.  The size of your television or screen, your seating arrangement and any other amenities you want to add to the room will help identify how you want this room designed and built.  If you are working with a fixed space, then you can determine the size of your television and seating arrangement based on the existing room’s layout and size.

When designing a theater room, consideration for any other electronics like speakers, receivers, controllers and any other equipment you might need will also be items to include in your budget and layout.

Items to budget with a theater room

If you are putting the theater room in an unfinished basement, there are a number of building materials that are required.  If you are putting new equipment in an existing room, then the items to shop for are mainly the audio visual components and any seating.

Base Boards End Tables Speakers
Cable Receiver Flooring Television
Ceiling Fan Insulation TV Cabinets
Ceiling Lights Lamps Wall Hangings
Chairs Molding Window Treatment
Coffee Table Paint Labor
Decorative Lights Sofa
Drywall Sound System

How to build a theater room

Hiring a contractor if you are finishing out a basement is probably the best thing to do when putting in a theater room.  You need to make sure you have heating and cooling and electrical power to support this room.  You may also need carpentry, drywall and insulation skills to finish out walls and ceilings.

You also need to decide if your theater room will have very high end components or current market based systems.  There are a lot of options if you want to go high end, so consider working with a theater consultant.  You can also have a great system just working with a local electronics store on great flat screen televisions and surround sound systems.

Managing your overall budget will be crucial in this project as electronics can add up quickly.

Home Maintenance Tip: Reorganize Bedroom Closets

Photo Courtesy:  Better Homes and Gardens

Photo Courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens

Your closets probably grow with more and more clothing and personal items in them as the year goes on. Yet, the physical space of the closet doesn’t change. Additionally, your likes and dislikes over which clothes you like and dislike changes over time. This is a great time of year to take the opportunity to re-organize your closets. And if appropriate, Read more

Home Maintenance Tip: Clean Patio Furniture for Winter Storage

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Clean Patio Furniture for Winter Storage

It is that time of year, when outdoor activities start becoming limited based on colder weather.  Patio furniture is typically not used in the late fall and winter depending on the climate where you live. It is a good idea to clean the patio furniture and move it into a dry storage area like your garage or a shed for the winter. By covering and storing your furniture, you can dramatically Read more


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