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The Impact of 1% on Your Mortgage Rate – Infographic

Ever wonder how important interest rates are on your home mortgage?  Here is a quick infographic by Zillow that talks about this very question.


Maintenance Tip: Check water lines in the ice maker in the refrigerator

check water lines in the ice maker in the refrigerator

Ice makers in refrigerators can often times get clogged with mineral deposits in the water lines. Forgetting to clean these can cause the ice maker to work harder making it more susceptible to wearing out. This problem can also cause the ice maker to produce less ice cubes and create a potential for a leak to occur, potentially damaging not only the ice maker but the refrigerator Read more

7 Awesome 3D Printed Decor Items For Your Coffee Table

Guest blogger, Karen Fernandes

If your coffee table is looking a little empty at the moment I’d like to talk to you about some things you can use to brighten it up, but these items come with a slight twist. They’ve all been manufactured using a 3D printer and I think you’ll love at least one or two of them. Read more

Maintenance Tip: Remove mineral deposits from shower heads & faucets

remove mineral deposits from shower heads and faucets

Hard water that contains minerals like calcium, magnesium carbonate and manganese can cause mineral deposit build up on your plumbing fixtures.  The water pressure in your shower heads and faucets can be significantly reduced because of mineral deposits that accumulate over time. This becomes a frustration for everyone in the family. Perhaps more importantly, these mineral deposits can discolor the water and be included in the water that you use for showers, baths, Read more

Ways to Go Green at Home Infographic

Go green at home can start with simple recycling and evolve to using renewal energy systems. Here are some tips on what else you can do in your home to be environmentally conscience.

Read more

Making your Calendar Work for You


Guest Blogger:  Amy Tokos

The key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. ~Stephen Covey

Most everyone uses the planner/calendar to schedule appointments but there is so much more that it can do for you.  How do you use your planner?  Do you include details or just the time of appointments?  Here are a few opportunities to have your planner help you be more organized. Read more

Home Remodel Tip: New Bedroom Floor


Replacing the flooring in a bedroom is a common project. Many people put in new carpets but almost equally popular is putting hardwood floors in a bedroom. The choice of carpet or hardwood floors is a matter of personal preference. Carpets are soft and warm and can complement almost any design theme. Wood floors can become the design highlight of a room because of how dramatic they can look especially combined with wood furniture. Read more

Decorating with Sunshine and Smiles

What can you say about the color yellow …. it is used often in baby’s rooms and often forgotten about in other rooms in a home ….. but yellow brings joy and happiness to a room.  It illicit feelings of happiness and warmth.  It has a freshness about it and has been said that it can help boost metabolism.  Because it feels like sunshine …. and we think it brings smiles! And who doesn’t want to smile!   Especially heading into spring. Here is some fun use of yellow in home decor.  It certainly makes us smile!  Read more

Celebrity Break In Infographic

Happy Friday! Ever wonder what happens to celebrities when burglars get into their homes?  Well, here are a few celebrities and their experiences, what was taken, how much and who was a victim of burglary and who was not.   Read more

Remodeling Project: Play Structure


Parents with kids often times invest in a play structure in the back yard. There are different sizes and types of structure and can vary based on the age of the children. These can be a great time for kids providing them an opportunity to play and exercise and still allows the parents to be close by. Play structure come in all different sizes. Many of them come with a slide, swings and a tower for climbing. These can get very intricate with wooden bridges, balance beams, and hanging bars and rings. A key aspect of these structures is the base that they sit on. Read more


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