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Table Decor for at Home Dinner Parties

Entertaining at home can be so rewarding.  Inviting friends and family who share your same interests in food, wine, and conversation to your home for a home cooked meal will see them appreciating what skills you have in the kitchen and how an intimate gathering can be as fun as a fine dining experience. Whether you decide to cook the entire meal and have guest bring cocktails or you have each guest bring a themed or seasonal dish to share with everyone, creating an ambiance for the gathering can be done simply through table decor.  Table decor can provide you with a great way to create a mood.  If your dinner party is focused around the wine … line up a set of tasting wine glasses.  If you party Read more

10 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

When deciding to update your kitchen or to perform a full kitchen remodel, it necessary to understand how your want your kitchen to function.  Taking a step back and identify everything you need in your kitchen will be critical to a great functioning kitchen.  First take a review of your current space. If you have a fixed space in which to work, you will need to make sure all of your appliances, cabinets, sinks, materials and other items in your  list will fit into this existing space. Additionally, remember the functional aspect of your kitchen.  Do you Read more

6 Tips to Consider When Buying Your First House


As an engaged or new married couple, you might be at the point that buying a home is the next step to building your family nest egg.  If you are a first time homebuyer there are a few things to consider when buying a home.  Understanding your living arrangements and how you and your spouse will live in your home will be important.  For instance how many bedrooms do you need?  Is a bedroom turned office important? Are you planning on children soon after getting married?  Keeping in mind the number of rooms and what types of rooms are important to you can help with finding the home that works for you.  Asking yourself questions like do you need a family room and a living room or will one suffice? Do you want a multi-story home or on a single level?  Understanding what neighborhood is best suited to your lifestyle, understanding your budget and size of home you need is also important.  However, there are six considerations Read more

Maintenance Tip: Check dishwasher water connections

HomeZada Home Maintenance Tip check dishwasher water connections

Is your dishwasher making all kinds of noise?  When you open your dishwasher expecting to see clean dishes but see dishes that are still dirty? You may be able to correct some of these challenges by checking your dishwasher water connections.

Depending on how your dishwasher was originally installed, you might have access to the water supply and drain lines leading to and from the dishwasher. Inspecting the connections that you have access to, Read more

Even Moms Need a Back to School Workstation

Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:

With the kids back in school, activities may have increased for the parents of the house.  Tracking all the different after school and weekend activities from dance to soccer, from trumpet lessons to art classes, from math tutors to volunteer programs is hard for a parent to manage.   Having multiple children that have different activities and different homework can also be challenging.  Managing your children’s schedule during the school year can actually be a full time job.

As a parent, having a command Read more

Home Remodeling Tip: Home Office Furnishings

Photo courtesy of radaunpl.inco

Photo courtesy of radaunpl.inco

People are working from home more and more these days. This trend is from both large corporations who have work at home policies and remote employees to even small businesses and start-ups. The ability for people to be productive at home often depends on creating a dedicated work environment in a spare room in the home. Furnishing a spare bedroom into an office environment is a major part of effectively working from home. A desk that works for a computer and an office Read more

Innovations in Urban Architecture – Making Use of Small Spaces

Photo Credit: Architonic

Photo Credit: Architonic

Guest Blogger: Monica Gomez

As the world’s population continues to grow, the amount of space available for building home and office space is naturally set to decline. However, with a lot of imagination and a little bit of skill, we can see this not as a disadvantage, but rather as an opportunity to creatively design small, energy efficient yet comfortable housing and office space.

Getting Creative

As you can see from the images Read more

Greek Inspired Home Decor

When thinking about summer, the Greek Islands come to mind. The Greek Islands are surrounded by water, beach, ruins and beautiful sunsets. Some of the Greek homes are built into sides of mountains or along portions of beach. Because these homes are surrounded by water, using what you have on the island to decorate a home is common. When Read more

Managing Home Finances

Understanding the details of your home can help you understand your overall financial budgets.  Understanding the value of your home, the value of the contents in your home, your monthly expenses, your home’s maintenance costs, and your home improvement projects spend will help you better understand the true costs to help manage your home.  This infographic shows you more details about home finances and how you can properly view them.


HomeZada Managing Home Finances Infographic

10 Patio Upgrades for a Spectacular Property This Summer


If you’re embarrassed to be seen on your dingy patio, you’re not alone.

Unlike the carpet in your living room or the paint on your walls, patios are often a neglected extension of the home. A common misconception is that it costs a pretty penny to update it, but that’s simply not true. The key is making smart, low-cost improvements to create a space you’re proud to entertain in.

In this article, 10 patio upgrades are revealed that will enhance your property and provide you with a new outdoor retreat.


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