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Simple Ways to Shade Your Backyard


Creating shade in your backyard can be a fun project if you open your mind to some new ideas.  Building shaded areas can be a simple as planting trees to as extensive as hiring contractors to build structures.  We are going to share with you some of the most simple ideas to tackling the sun.  Read more

Maintenance Tip: Clean all windows

HomeZada professionally clean all windows

Your windows take a beating both from the indoors with dust and dirt as well as from the outdoors with different harsh weather conditions. On an annual basis, it is a good practice to clean those windows both from the inside and out and along with the window sills and screens. Depending on the size of your home, access to all the outside windows can difficult, and Read more

10 Tools for Every Homeowners Needs


Being a homeowner has lots of advantages but with those advantages you have this house that oftentimes needs updates or quick fixes.  Here are ten tools that can help every homeowner fix and repair items in their home.  Read more

Southern Living Idea House

Southern Living Idea House

We recently had an opportunity to visit the Southern Living Idea House in Bluffton, SC.  The house was approximately 30 minutes from Savannah, GA and 30 minutes from Hilton Head, SC.  This is beautiful part of the United States and one that is growing with more and more homes under construction.  Yet no so many that a peaceful environment is still very prevalent.  The home had an elegantly easy feel to it with front porches and back verandas with access to a lake.   Read more

8 Features You Need In Your Master Bath

Courtesy of Southern Living


Guest Blogger: Vicky Clary

When you’re remodeling your master bath, you goal is to create a room that’s both fun and functional. It’s a go-to place for ultimate relaxation as well as necessity. You’ll want to soak in your tub, feel the rush of your shower and even contemplate the outdoors with natural light, a pleasing view or an indoor garden of any size. Think about how to expand your Read more

Maintenance Tip: Inspect attic air vents

inspect attic air vents

Air vents are usually in the attics on the side walls. These air vents keep air circulating in the attic which can help cool the attic in the summer and provide a drying out mechanism in the winter. It is import these vents are not blocked by any debris and it can be important to ensure screens are intact with the air vents to prevent rodents and insects from Read more

Taking a Home Inventory

Did you know that 70% of Americans do not have a home inventory?  And nearly 1,100 homes burn every day from fires.  Some started from cooking challenges and from faulty wiring that is not visible.  Having a detailed account of what you own has lots from understanding what might be lost due to a tragedy to estate planning.  A home inventory can help account for your belongings during a move, help with understanding the money you have spent in maintaining, decorating and enhancing your home and also with educating yourself on exactly what you have and where to find it.  Home inventories also help with giving you an account of your belongings in storage facilities, vacation homes or property rentals.  Understanding what equipment you have in your home is also important to help you identify how to take care of the equipment and how to properly maintain it.

Here is a quick way to take a home inventory using HomeZada.

Beach House Home Design

Courtesy of Coastal Living

Courtesy of Coastal Living

This time of year has a lot of people taking vacations and escaping the winter and heading to the beach.  The beach and ocean bring about a feeling of serenity and relaxation.   The concept of the beach has been said to help people decompress and live a stress free period of time.  With these feelings of calm, we wanted to focus on beach house design and some simple tips you can add to your home to create a memory or peace and happiness.  Read more

Home Remodel Tip: Front Yard Landscape

HomeZada Front Landscape Project

The front yard landscaping has a very important role in defining the curb appeal of your home. Choosing plants, trees, shrubs and lighting that work with the type of home you have can have a dramatic effect. The appearance of the front of your home is not only important for you and the value of the home, but also in keeping the appearance and value of your neighborhood. Read more

The State of Storage and Organization in the US – Infographic

We see a lot of value in this infographic from IKEA.  This infographic gives you an idea of clutter and its ability to have an impact on our lives both financially and mentally. Clearing the clutter by updating home or during the moving process can help you understand exactly what you need Read more


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