My Pet’s Hair is Everywhere! Help Me with Pet Hair!

pet hairAnimals shed. It’s natural and there’s no stopping it. That doesn’t mean you should be O.K. with dog or cat hair preventing you or your house guests from being able to see what color your couch is. There’s no way to prevent a dog or cat from shedding, but there are some things you can do to make the shedding manageable and manage your pet hair in and around your home.

Groom Your Pet – How often? Well, that depends on the type of animal you have. A short haired cat or dog will be fine with a weekly brushing, where a longer haired cat or dog might even need daily brushing. The point of this grooming and brushing is simple: The pet hair is going to fall out one way or the other… do you want it on the brush and in the trash can or do you want it on your couch, in the carpet, on your clothes, and possibly in your food?

Get Leather Furniture – This way you won’t have to vacuum your couch anymore! Pet hair doesn’t stick to leather, making it much easier to clean by simply brushing it off. However, you might have a new set of problems with leather such as scratching. You’ll just have to pick your poison!

Keep a Lint Brush Handy – Don’t you just love when you get done ironing a pair of slacks or a dress shirt only to notice that it got covered by pet air on your way out the door? Keep a lint brush by the door for a quick hair-removal process to insure you won’t get anymore of those surprises!

Do you have any other helpful tips for managing and dealing with pet hair? Let us know by sharing your stories on our FB page!