Don’t Let Your Basement Go to Waste! | Basement Design Ideas

We’ve all seen them (and some of us still live with them). The unfinished basement with the concrete floor, a musty smell, and dark corners that you definitely don’t want to know what’s lurking in them. The only time you go down there is to fix the furnace or flip the switch on the breaker when the power goes out.

Don’t let your basement be the scary place of the home anymore! Basements hold so much potential. Basement design ideas like they can be turned into a man cave, the go-to play area for the kids, a bar/lounge area, and more. Basement design ideas are endless. This is what make remodeling basements so much fun! Your whole space is your oyster and making a new living area is amazing. Adding a social area or a in law apartment or even adding a home office to the space. Maybe you like the concrete and you want to have a go cart track for your kids provided your space is big enough. Or maybe you just like concrete floors and you can add throw rugs around to create some warmth.

Here are some basement design ideas to get your creative juices flowing from HGTV.

Basement Design Ideas