Should you Buy a Fixer Upper Infographic

When it comes to buying homes, some people like to consider buying a fixer upper that they can update themselves. Before you decide that a fixer upper is a choice for you, this infographic from Credit Sesame and Column 5 helps you decide whether a fixer upper home is right for you.  It takes into consideration time, budget and home improvement experience.  Budget can be a major factor when buying a home that needs a lot of repairs and potentially a complete overhaul. Budgets can easily get out of control quickly, so it is important to get an accurate estimate of construction prior to making an offer on a fixer upper. Having a contractor or a home inspector visit the property and give an assessment o the property will help with your decision to buy or not. Maybe you are the person that has construction skills and you are going to perform the work. This is great for budget, now you need to ask yourself do you have the time to get the work around the house complete. Consider the following when buying your next home. Are you ready for a fixer upper are you better suited to buying a house that requires only minimal effort to update it to meet your personal needs. This infographic offers a question based assessment that asks you simple questions to determine what house you are suited to buy.

Fixer Upper