Backyard Wedding: What you need to do to Prepare For Them

This is a beautiful time of year for weddings. Hosting a backyard wedding is a very personal experience. A backyard wedding can also provide cost less than a traditional wedding. One thing to keep in mind when hosting a backyard wedding is you still need execute on all the details to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

Is your home ready?

First, you need to make sure you house is ready to host a backyard wedding. Do you have the appropriate facilities like bathrooms for the number of guests you will host? Do you have a solid surface or walkway to prevent lawn damage? And avoid sinking heels. Are your trees and scrubs trimmed to avoid any dropping branches or leaves? Do you need to add additional flowers which will add more color to your yard? Bright beautiful flowers can create a beautiful look to a backyard wedding. You may also need to add lighting to set an ambiance. Or you may need additional lighting to light up the dark sky should your wedding go into the evening.

Are you ready for planning?

Once your house and backyard are in order, it is time to plan your backyard wedding. Depending on your setup and wedding style, you will need a ceremony area with seats for your guests. There will also need to be an area for food preparation and food display. Food requires tables and chairs so as not to spill the food on beautiful dresses and suits. Incorporate your own personal touches with wedding decorations, lighting and music. Did someone say dancing? In order to pull off dancing, a hard surface might be nice for your guests to really get their groove on. Electricity to the home or with an extra generator will be important for DJs and bands. Speakers will need to be located in areas that the guests can hear.

Notify your neighbors

Additionally, let your neighbors know what’s going on. They will be ecstatic that you are hosting your wedding at home. But give them the details like the number of guests, the cars on the streets, the noise levels and the times of the wedding. If your neighbors are informed, they are less likely to report you to the cops. They will realize you are enjoying a major life celebration.

Some great ideas have been leveraged when planning backyard weddings. And some allow you to take the indoors outside with the pictures we have included. For those getting married in their backyard, we wish you the best and many happy years together!

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