Closing Out a Home Improvement Project

Closing Out a Home Improvement ProjectWhen your home improvement project is done, crack open your libation of choice and enjoy it!  Share it with family and friends. You worked hard at putting it all together, you might as well celebrate a little, or a lot depending on the home improvement project and the details of the project.

Creating a Home Inventory

Closing out a home improvement project is not quite finished when the project is done and the celebrations are over.  It is important to update your home inventory with the new equipment, appliances, furniture, electronics, etc. when you have completed your home improvement project. Adding these details to your home inventory will help you remember what granite you choose or the cabinet finish in case you need them in the future.

Informing Your Insurance Company

In addition, make sure your insurance company knows about your updated project. Your insurance agent will be able to review the details of your project and determine if you are fully insured. Your insurance agent can make modifications to your insurance policy when they know about the new home improvement project. Making sure your insurance will cover all the hard earned money you just put into your home improvement project is important. You will be covered by your insurance if something bad were to happen to your home. Your new home improvement project will be documented in your home inventory and with your insurance company. It is better to be prepared that sorry.

You can update your home inventory from a project directly in HomeZada.  Getting started is as simple as signing up today.