Planning an Edible Garden in One Day

Edible Garden

Over the last several years. vegetable gardens are gaining in popularity as a great additional to any garden. People are saving money by growing their own vegetables and also avoiding unhealthy pesticides by tending to their own edible garden.  You can plan a vegetable garden in one day and here’s how.

First, you need to locate a spot in your yard for your edible garden. Vegetables like a spot that is sunny with soil that has good drainage. Then, you need to select which vegetables you would like to grow. You can use pen and paper to draw a diagram of where you would like which vegetable based on growing pattern and size. Your vegetables need room to grow and produce their fruit. So keep this in mind when planning your garden.

Once you have completed your planning, it is time to buy your plants and soil or compost. Spread your soil and compost over your area using a rake or hoe to mix the soil with the ground below and to loosen the area. Loosening the area will allow the roots of the plants to grow out. Plant your vegetable plants maintaining the proper distance and referring back to your drawing or layout.  Water the garden regularly and watch the vegetables grow.

You now have a simple and easily constructed edible garden.

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