10 Winter Landscaping Ideas You Can Do Right Now!

Winter has its own unique beauty, but over time, the gloomy days and seemingly endless nights can wear on you. The longer it goes, the more you dream of long, warm summer nights and beautiful, bright colors all around.

If you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever, seeing nothing but gray and gloom around you for what feels like days on end, there’s something you can do about it. Right now!

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5 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of A Small Garden

5 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of A Small Garden

Just because you don’t own several acres of land doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lush and thriving garden. Large gardens are hard to take care of and often take several hours a week of maintenance. 

How Garden Furniture Can Enhance Your Home’s Outside Design

When it comes to enhancing your yard, adding garden furniture can showcase your personality and bring joy to outdoor events. Family members will love sitting in a warm, serene space that lets them ponder on life’s activities. Or take a break from the busy lives we lead to meditate. Outdoor spaces with garden furniture can also bring people together in times of celebration. Read More

How to Grow a Garden in a Small Space

IHow to Grow a Garden in a Small Spacef you’ve been dreaming of growing your own food but you live in a small home with an even smaller yard, take heart.

You don’t have to own acres of land to grow tasty vegetables…or even fruit!

Following are some tips and tricks for gardening in a small space that will fill your baskets with bright and tasty foods and help you save money too! Read More