Home Related Charities and How You can Help



Home Related CharitiesIn an effort to drive more awareness to those less fortunate, we created a post on home related charities. Focusing on the needs of individuals and the companies that support them, is what we are speaking about today. Specifically, we are sharing two specific organizations that provide housing needs to specific individuals. 


HomeAid is an organization that provides homeless families the ability to get back on their feet and into a home. Many of these families have been displaced and a home will give them the head start they need. HomeAid builds and renovates multi-unit shelters. With these shelters, temporary housing is provided to charities. These charities support families that are temporarily homeless. These homes specially support charities that are committed to helping families move past their temporary homeless situation. The types of families HomeAid supports are:

  • Abused children
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • At-risk teens
  • People living with HIV/AIDS
  • Those who are temporarily out of work
  • Victims of natural disasters and other catastrophes

HomeAid works in conjunction with the building industry and its professionals to build these temporary and safe dwellings. To learn more and provide support, please visit www.homeaid.org

Homes for our Troops

Homes for our Troops offers severely injured veterans and their families the ability to continue to thrive. By collecting donations, Homes for the Troops can build homes that specifically meet the needs of the injured veteran. Homes are built for our veterans throughout the United States with support from donations. Also, contractors in local communities contribute their time and resources. As you can imagine, injured veterans have different requirements of their homes. The needs of injured veterans require homes that have ramps for wheelchairs or handrails for safely walking through a home. To learn more and provide support, please visit Homes for our Troops.

Both of these organizations are supported by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) to give back to our communities throughout the United States.