For the Love of our Pets


Pets are so an integral part of a family and yet homeowners’ furry family members come in a variety of animals. From dogs and cats to hamsters and birds, from snakes and iguanas to fish and turtles, these animals reside on our homes. Some animal family members like horses, pigs, goats and other large animals may not reside in the house but reside nearby. Making your home comfortable for both you and your animal family members has opened the door to so many solutions. Living with your pets can add a whole new experience to decorating.

Eating Arrangements

First, keep in mind the type of pets you own and how you want to live with them. Next, determine where they will sleep and eat their meals. Once you have designated sleeping and eating areas for your pets, you can then determine what you need to make them comfortable in your home.

Feeding your pets can be messy, depending on their eating behaviors. Small animals can generally eat inside a cage or bowl. While larger pets require a location in or around your home to feed with containers to support their food. To avoid any messy areas, find an area where you can feed your pets while also having easy clean up. For instance, if you have dogs and cats that eat inside your home, it might be easier to clean up tile or linoleum. Even hard wood floor is easier to clean than carpeted areas.

Sleeping Arrangements

A pet at rest is a healthy pet, do you have a bed or area designated for your family member. And if so, do you have the room for the bed? Some dogs can actually reach the size of a horse and requires a larger area than a small dog or cat. Small dogs and cats need only a tiny location to lay its head. Some great options for pet beds are taking old furniture and making cut outs to allow the pets to easily climb in the bed. These options add a new and inspired decoration to your home or can blend in with the current decor. Other options are leaving a pet bed in a corner of a room or in a room designated for your pets. Yes that is right, some people actually take an existing room and let their furry family members have it.

Play Time

Pets also like to play. A lot of play time can be done outside. However, if play is done in house, keep in mind your pet and determine if there is any furniture that could be damaged with playtime. If there is a chance of damage, maybe playing outside or moving some furniture around to avoid any damage could be a great solution.
Living with your pets is a labor of love. but keep in mind how living with your furry family members affect the whole family.