HomeZada DIY Projects Tip 4: Online Research and Shopping

Preparing for a home remodeling project gets people thinking of options and ideas of what they want for those particular projects. This happens whether the project is a full remodel or simply updating home decor in a room. Online shopping for various items for your projects is fun and an important part of the process. Online shopping can help you determine what you want for your project. But visiting many different internet sites and trying to either save internet bookmarks or remember each item you are considering quickly turns into an unorganized mess. Finding what you researched a week ago becomes a time consuming hunting process over save links all over your computer. So how do you create a plan that helps you better manage these shopping and potential project options? Now we talk about DIY projects tip 4. 

Online Bookmarking

HomeZada has a simple booking marking applet called “HomeZada Snapshot” that you drag to your browser toolbar. Whenever you are on any e-commerce site with a specific product that you like, click the Snapshot and HomeZada saves the link and the picture of your item into your HomeZada project. This allows for easy organization of hundreds of internet links as well easy retrieval trying to find your previous research. You can even use the HomeZada mobile app to secure onsite photos and data about potential project options. Giving you the ability to track online shopping and in store shopping in one central location. By using HomeZada to track your shopping choices for all your home remodeling projects, you can become more efficient. Now you can find all your data in one place and ultimately make your purchase decisions based on comparisons.

Here is a great quick video that shows you how organized your online research and shopping can be with HomeZada.