What You Need to Know When Holding Yard Sales

Yard Sales

On August 10 it is National Yard Sale Day. A perfect day to get your unused or time to move on objects out of your home. In order to get yard sales going, you need some friendly tips.

Know what you want to sell or remove from your home.

And make sure everyone in the home agrees with what is going. By having a quick discussion, you might avoid some challenging discussions with family members or understand which items have sentimental value and should not go.

You will need basic logistics.

What specific day are you holding your Yard Sale? What times? Who will take the responsibility of being available to answer any questions and collect the money.

The skills of your team.

Know the skills of your team in order to have the appropriate members help man the yard sale. If you have those who do not know how to count, your yard sale might not be that effective. Maybe even having teams of family members in shifts in order to get your other household activities completed.

Yard sale preparations

Identify the prices for your items and either tag them with tape or a printed version from a label maker.  Another organized way of coming up with prices is by grouping items together.  All the $1 items here, $5 items on the driveway, $10 items on the porch and so on and so on.

Be prepared for some negotiations of haggling.  Sometimes the fun of yard sales is to see if you can find a bargain and it is a safe way to negotiate.

Gather some change in case people show up with large bills that you may need to break. Also have a safe place for your money, whether it is a shoe box or a locked box and make sure you have your eye on at all times.

Post signs in and around your neighborhood or use social media to communicate your yard sale inviting your friends by to see if they would like any of your items.

Set up your yard with your belongings.

Be friendly, inviting and put your sales hat on and get to selling your items.  Because your time to go items just might be someone’s new treasures.

End of your Yard Sale

When your yard sale is over, put away any left over items for another time when you want to conduct a yard sale or box them up and donate them to a local charity.  Take an account of your money and be proud of your success!