Control the Chaos of Maintaining a Home

Maintaining a HomeLet’s face it, life is hectic. Remembering all the details about the finances, the families, the schools, and the shopping list, is often times overwhelming.  Not to mention adding vacation details, health and maintaining a home. We have discovered a new online application that at least gets all aspects of maintaining your home organized.

HomeZada allows you to create your own online property calendar that reminds you of all the important tasks to keep the home running smoothly, safely, and efficiently.  The system comes with over 150 common maintenance tasks that you can choose from, as maintaining a home in Minnesota is different than in Florida.

These guides come in three categories.

  1. Maintenance:  Equipment and appliance need regular maintenance to run efficiently.  Filters need to be changed.  Hot water heaters need to be periodically drained.  Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers need to be checked.  And so much more.
  2. Yardwork:  Lawns need to be fertilized.  Gutters need to be cleaned.  Shrubs need to be trimmed around air condition units.  And so much more.
  3. Special Cleaning:  Mattresses need to be periodically flipped.  Ceiling fans need an occasional dusting.  Refrigerator coils need to be vacuumed.  And so much more.

All you have to do is add these checklists to your property calendar with a recommended frequency (annually, quarterly, monthly, etc.)  HomeZada does the rest by automatically reminding you with emails and the News page of when things need to get done.  You no longer have to remember when certain things need to get done, as HomeZada does the thinking for you.

Get out of the chaos, get organized and maintain the value of one of your largest assets.